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BREAKING: Hate Hoax Verdict Reached — Jussie Smollett GUILTY On 5 Counts

AGA Country. In Chicago. Right then and there, race-baiter Jussie Smollett should’ve known that his story was never going to hold up. Clearly, the guy isn’t a genius.

The fact that so many “journalists” in the media propped up Smollett through this whole charade proves why the MSM cannot now, nor ever again, be trusted.

On Thursday evening, justice was finally served – not that liberals will see it that way.


From Daily Beast:

Actor Jussie Smollett was found guilty on Thursday of filing a false police report in what prosecutors called a racist, anti-gay hate crime hoax that the star staged against himself.

The Chicago jury convicted Smollett—an openly gay, Black actor who for nearly three years has denied accusations that he hired two brothers as assailants in the alleged attack—on five of six counts of disorderly conduct related to filing the false police report. He was found not guilty on one count related to telling a detective he was the victim of an aggravated battery.


This story syndicated with permission from Trending Politics