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Joy Reid and the Legacy Media Suffer From “Missing Telling the Truth Syndrome”

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Joy Reid: “Now it goes without saying that no family should ever have to endure that kind of pain, and the Petito family certainly deserve answers and justice. But the way this story has captivated the nation has many wondering, why not the same media attention when people of color go missing?” Reid asked. 

The message from MSNBC’s resident racist Joy Reid is clear:  if you care about a terrible fate befalling a white girl, you are a racist.

Joy Reid: “Well, the answer actually has a name, ‘missing white woman syndrome.’”

Even though I am not familiar with ‘missing white woman syndrome,’ I am going to shock my readers by agreeing with Joy Reid.  Whenever a young white woman, or a white child, falls victim to a terrible crime, Americans pay attention.  They do not pay similar attention to crimes affecting the black community.  And the reason for that disparity is no other than Joy Reid, and her legacy media collaborators.  Legacy media simply does not report crimes that are killing people in the black community, so American people don’t know what is going on.

Reported by DailyWire (not by Joy Reid):

Last weekend, 64 people shot and at least nine killed in Chicago, including a 12-year-old boy who was shot by his mother after a disagreement about a memory card.

Reported by The Sun (not by Joy Reid):

Labor Day weekend saw heightened levels of violence after a four-year-old boy was murdered and 67 others gunned down across America over the holidays.

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Reported by Chicago Tribune (not by Joy Reid):

 In the first week of August, at least 47 people were shot in less than 24 hours in Chicago, seven of them fatally.

Reported by CWB Chicago (not by Joy Reid):

“June 2020 recorded more murders than any other June in the history of the modern Chicago Police Department. And, after victims who are still clinging to life succumb to their wounds, last month will likely rank among the five worst Junes in history.”

Every week, conservative news outlets report the slaughter of black residents, including women and children, on the streets of Chicago and other cities, run by the liberal mayors and governors. Every week, the legacy media blacks out these stories. The reason? The victims are not murdered by evil white people. It’s the black gangs that do the slaughter – and that is not the story the legacy media wants you to hear. Black people are supposed to be the victims of white oppressors – not of black criminals and the failing liberal policies that allow these criminals to run wild. And the legacy media today will not report any stories that do not fit their narrative.

American public is a victim to “missing white woman syndrome” in the same way they are victim to “systemic racism in America” syndrome.  And the reason for both maladies, as well as many others, is Joy Reid, and her disciples in the legacy media.  They hide the truth from you – and then they blame you for not knowing the truth.

 RWR original article syndication source.