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When Journalists Covering Media Bias Let Their Unmentionables Slide Down Around Their Ankles

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Steven Keehner has written a piece for FAIR, a publication that claims to focus on media bias.

“An alleged “crime surge” at Walgreens drugstores in San Francisco was a hot topic for Bay Area news outlets in the early months of 2021. When Lyanne Melendez, a reporter for the ABC-owned KGO-TV in San Francisco, tweeted out a cellphone video of a brazen shoplifter, it elevated this narrative into a nationwide story.”

One would assume from reading his article Keehner thinks Melendez paid too much attention to crime.

The reporter Lyanne Melendez should be ashamed of herself.  Instead of covering a mostly peaceful BLM riot happening nearby, she dared to videotape  “alleged” shoplifting at a major San Francisco retailer in broad daylight, obviously trying to suggest that San Francisco might be suffering a major breakdown of law and order.  This is media corruption at its finest.  I hope ABC deals with this reporter harshly.

Keehner chooses to contrast:

“Compare this to another Walgreens-related theft story: the November settlement of a wage theft and labor law violation class-action lawsuit against Walgreens, filed by employees in California for $4.5 million.”

The author is appalled that a lawsuit settlement by a major corporation, which is an everyday occurrence in this country, has not made it into the national news  Apparently, the author just arrived in the US, and he does not realize that a settlement by a large corporation is not an admission of a crime committed.  It just means that settlement is much cheaper for the corporation than lengthy litigation.  This little convenience is often exploited by disgruntled employees and serves as an end goal of many Hollywood marriages.

Now Keehner throws down the math:

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“While basic arithmetic would indicate that $4.5 million is greater than $950, media have demonstrated that the question isn’t how much is being stolen, but who it is being stolen from.”

We all know that Walgreens is a very evil corporation that steals paychecks from its workers.  They deserve all the shoplifting they get – right?

So does Neuman Marcus that had their Union Square store ransacked just a few weeks ago. Neuman Marcus is a wealthy retailer owned by white people, and that means automatically they have been horribly mistreating their employees, especially people of color.

And don’t get me started on Louis Vuitton – a luxury retailer that just suffered 100K worth of damage in a posh town of Palo Alto.  Residents of Palo Alto who can afford to live in multi-million dollar houses must not complain about “petty theft” – if they want to be friends with the New York Times, of course.

Wait for it…Keehner’s big finish:

“San Francisco is a city that falls far short in caring for the homeless population, with pervasive poverty, particularly among people of color.”

Well, at least Gavin Newsom is trying.

“California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday signed what his office described as “the largest funding and reform package for housing and homelessness” in the state’s history, directing $12 billion over two years into services focusing on “behavioral health housing and solutions to tent encampments.”

“To the extent people want to come here for new beginnings and all income levels, that’s part of the California dream and we have a responsibility to accommodate and enliven and inspire and the California dream is still alive and well.”

The author of the article would be happy if the media stopped covering “alleged” skyrocketing crime in San Francisco, and devoted more time to Governor Newsom’s effort to drive law-abiding citizens out of California and flood the state with homeless people from all over the country, courtesy of a California taxpayer.

Now that is front-page news that would make the day of every Progressive California resident.

 RWR original article syndication source.