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America is Johnny Apple Seed Country. We Can’t Let the Vitality Drain From It

As a kid, I loved to climb trees, especially the stunning apple trees in upstate New York. You have never tasted an apple until you bite into one that has just been liberated from a nearby apple orchard. It’s like biting into a delicious jug of freshly squeezed apple juice.

These days, too much of life is like the apples you get from your neighborhood grocery store…cold storage. The apple you are about to buy looks like the real thing, but all the sweetness has been drained from it. After it was picked, the apple that caught your eye was locked up and stored as it waited to be shipped. Time drains its sweetness.

The same thing happens to us when we put ourselves on lay away. Reserved for someday. But not today. The time is just not right. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. I will check my schedule and get back to you. When we fail to engage opportunities, our muscles get soft. It takes an act of will to engage our competition. To defeat them.

If you want to make God laugh, tell Him what you are going to do tomorrow.

These days, too many of us spend too much of our time as mall walkers. Plugged into all the wrong things. Living on the sidelines. Experiencing life through a keypad and a computer screen.

A day without a cell phone is a day connected to all the world around us. Look up for a moment and take it in. Out here in catfish country, where I live, you can see forever.

This past Friday, I watched one of my little ones pick some dandelions for her mother. The brightest thing that morning was not the sun in the sky but the smile in her eyes as she came running with her bouquet for Mom. Crushed, as she held them ever so tightly, hoping not to lose one, but a more beautiful bouquet a Mother has never received.   

Remember, you’re not fish’in, until the worm gets wet.

In The Beginning…

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That was the time when all life came together. Absolute perfection! Food and drink aplenty. No mosquitoes or fire ants to mess things up. Our dynamic duo, Adam and Eve, were an A-list team destined for the Red Carpet. 

Adam, intelligent, witty, handsome and, like his Father, a good provider. Eve, hot, smart, and funny. What a combo. The likes of which the world had never since known. They were both one of a kind. The first off the production line. Billions to come. Custom made. Perfect and complete. 

Yes, Adam and Eve had it all. But their appetites were insatiable. They hungered for more. They wanted it all.

They were given the run of the place. With one exception.

Eve thought, “what’s the harm in just one little bite?” 

But, one is a lonely number. So she turned to Adam with those baby blue eyes and the same inviting smile and soft promise that launched a thousand ships and burnt the topless towers of Ileum. With the devastation of a Texas twister, all hell broke loose.  

Then the pivotal question: Adam, Eve… Where are you

God asked the question. It was not a question of longitude or latitude.

I remember when my Mom and Dad would ask me that same question.

Indeed, where are we? Where are we headed as a nation?

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Every morning I have a prayer with my daughter, Samantha. I pray for her safety as she works on the streets of Dallas caring for the homeless. I pray for the homeless. Many of them are veterans. We have had a few of them into our home. Experience the blindside.

Thanks to Biden’s border policy, three thousand illegal alien teenagers are being stored in the Dallas Convention Center. Yes, stored.

I pray that Samantha’s days and nights will not be 3,000 times more difficult. Three thousand times more dangerous. The media’s cover defense for the flawed Biden Immigration Policy is scandalous. Their days as journalists will live in infamy.

By: John Tammaro. Follow Gen Z on Parler, Gab, and Facebook

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