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Is It True that Chief Justice John Roberts Visited Epstein’s Island?

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Many conservatives have been confused by John Roberts’ decisions as Chief Justice of SCOTUS. On decision after decision, he has followed the line of thinking common to the radical left. Yes, we have Kavanaugh, Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, and now ACB on our side and that is great. But Roberts was appointed by Bush. He was supposed to be a conservative justice. Why has he not acted like it, especially recently? One potential reason is that it might be true that John Roberts visited Epstein’s island.

Now, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. Yes, I’m concerned about the brazen voter fraud in the election, especially the votes Biden received from non-citizens. Yes, I think the Hunter Biden emails are real and I think Biden might have worn a wire during the first debate. And no, I don’t think Epstein killed himself. But, other than the wire, those aren’t really conspiracy theories. They are things that happened. I think the same is true of me saying that John Roberts visited Epstein’s island. I might be wrong, but the evidence is damning.

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What We Know: It Sure Looks Like Justice John Roberts Visited Epstein’s Island and Might Have Been (or Still Could Be) Blackmailed

For those that have been living under a rock, it came to light a few years ago that Jeffrey Epstein had an island in the Caribbean where he took elites to have sex with children. Various famous and prominent men, namely Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, visited frequently. Hollywood elites, such as Kevin Spacey, also visited.

The main theory about that island and Epstein’s wealth is that, in addition to just being a sick and twisted individual, Epstein blackmailed the people he brought to the island. Perhaps he did that for money, perhaps for fame, or perhaps for power. The “why” isn’t known yet and probably won’t be until Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial.

But what we do know is that Epstein brought famous and influential individuals to his island and had ample evidence with which he could blackmail them. One of those individuals might have been Chief Justice Roberts; it does look like Justice John Roberts visited Epstein’s island and could have been blackmailed to make bad SCOTUS decisions. Here’s the evidence and something that IS NOT evidence.

Piece of Evidence #1: The Flight Log

To determine who visited “pedo island,” one key piece of evidence has been the flight log. For example, a flight log from 2009 showed that Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey and Naomi Campbell visited the island. You might remember that Kevin Spacey was accused of harassing a minor and there is ample evidence that Clinton and Prince Andrew also had inappropriate relations with minors.

Now, one interesting name on that list is a John Roberts. Here is what Lin Wood had to say about the idea that John Roberts visited Epstein’s island and was on the flight manifest:

john roberts visited epstein's island

Additionally, there is this image of the flight log. If you view the circled area, you will see that a “John Roberts” signed it:

flight log- john roberts visited epstein's island

Now, there are, of course, potential refutations of that. Just because Lin Wood said so and there appears to be a flight log that shows so does not mean that Chief Justice John Roberts visited Epstein’s island.

For one, the image could be faked. I completely understand that and want everyone else to too. I don’t have a copy of the flight log, so I can’t independently confirm it. However, the image does appear to be real and has not, to my knowledge, been discredited as of yet.

The other believable refutation is that the “John Roberts” listed is not the Chief Justice of SCOTUS. Both “John” and “Roberts” are common first and last names, so there could be another that was on the so-called Lolita Express.

The other believable refutation is that the “John Roberts” listed is not the Chief Justice of SCOTUS. Both “John” and “Roberts” are common first and last names, so there could be another that was on the so-called Lolita Express. A potential other person is the Fox News reporter named John Roberts.

But Epstein didn’t mingle with normal people. He only brought the elite of the elite to his island, and Chief Justice John Roberts is undoubtedly the most famous and influential “John Roberts” out there. Given the record of who Epstein brought to the island, it is likely, if the image is real and Lin Woods is right, that the John Roberts in Epstein’s flight log is Chief Justice John Roberts.

However, even if it is the SCOTUS John Roberts listed in the flight log, that doesn’t mean that Chief Justice John Roberts visited Epstein’s pedo island. If you look closely, the airport the plan landed at was “TEB,” which is a small, regional airport in New Jersey called Teterboro Airport. So, while it would still be disturbing if Chief Justice John Roberts was on the flight log for Epstein’s plane, in this case that isn’t quite enough evidence that John Roberts visited Epstein’s island.

One additional note, which was brought up by commenters, is that the Supreme Court was in session during the days enumerated in the flight log. Personally, I don’t think that fully exonerates Roberts, as SCOTUS has shown itself to be corrupt as of late in its refusal to even listen to voter fraud complaints, but it is certainly a piece of evidence in his favor and should be dully noted.

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Piece of Evidence #2: A Whistleblower Claimed that John Roberts Visited Epstein’s Island

According to one whistleblower about the heinous crimes of Epstein and his guests, Chief Justice John Roberts visited Epstein’s island and can be seen in the Epstein tapes. Here is what one site, Penns Word, had to say:

“A whistleblower who allegedly works in the federal circuit revealed a Supreme Court justice was seen in various “Epstein tapes” that were recently recovered by investigators:

“One of the SCOTUS [justices] is in the Epstein tapes that were recovered yesterday. I’m sure you can guess which one.

“The shocking part is the canary is telling the feds a certain nation state has been blackmailing this gentleman since prior to his nomination to SCOTUS.

“What does this mean? This justice was hand picked at the highest levels specifically because he was being controlled via blackmail. A sheep in wolf’s clothing appearing to be which he is not.

“Cat is out of the bag… or I should say almost.”’


Perhaps that whistleblower is lying. Or, perhaps, they’re telling the truth and John Roberts did appear at Epstein’s island.


Originally, I was under the impression that the below photo lent credence to the claim that John Roberts visited Epstein’s island. Here it is (the others who are allegedly in the photo are, from left to right, Richard Cheaz, Bill Clinton, George Nader, and Tony Podesta):

For reference, here is a picture of John Roberts from his swearing-in ceremony that presents a similar profile:

Swearing in of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

The photo from the island is not one of John Roberts. It is instead an image from the Dominican Republic in 2017 that is of someone else connected with Clinton. I believe it is of Chelsea’s husband. could be a real image with someone other than Chief Justice John Roberts in it. While the profile appears to be about the same, it is a different person. The nose, in particular, is different, as is the face.

So, that image was not one of John Roberts and does not show that John Roberts visited Epstein’s island. I apologize for originally including it, I did not know it was from the Dominican Republic.

Conclusion: It Sure Looks Like John Roberts Visited Epstein’s Island

When the flight log and whistleblower testimony are all viewed together, it is hard to not reach the conclusion that Chief Justice John Roberts visited Epstein’s island. Personally, I think the evidence is convincing, although I recognize that the image included does not show that he was there and should not be used to show that he was there.

So, the evidence is mixed. On one hand, there is Roberts’ decisions on the court, the flight log, and the whistleblower’s statement. On the other hand, the image that is often used to say that John Roberts visited Epstein’s island is actually a photo of someone else. I again apologize for originally including it as evidence; as soon as I found out it was inaccurate I made and noted the correction.

But, if the other evidence is real, it would point to why John Roberts has made the decisions he has made since appointed. He has avoided contentious issues when possible because of blackmail or because he fears being in a situation where he could be blackmailed. When it came down to how to vote, he voted to the left because that’s what whoever blackmailed him told him to do. In short, if it is true that John Roberts visited Epstein’s island, it would appear that John Roberts is compromised and can’t be trusted to enforce constitutionality. He’ll just keep doing what his handlers tell him to do.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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  1. Sadly, even if there was a video of Roberts on the island doing a toddler… othing at all would be done to rectify the problem of a compromised jusge sitting on the SCOTUS. Further, he’d never be charged with anything. These elites–especially Leftists (even though Roberts is a “Leftist” through coercion instead of philosophy) are literally untouchable. And sockingly blatantly so. Justice truly is dead in America.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Roberts is complicit with the left side of the bench turning down all cases addressing the fraud (due to this leverage) , to ensure that Biden is elected. Then the “righteous” Left Media will spill the story about Roberts and the Epstein Island visits (just as they have seen the light on the Hunter emails now that the “votes” have been cast) and force Roberts to resign, now opening up the Chief Justice position for Biden or Harris to fill. They just need a 50/50 split in the Senate for the icing on the cake.

  3. Is he one of the cowardly turn coats on the Supreme Court that denied the Texas suit over the fraud election and handed this country over to old senile women-groping, little girl fondling Joe Biden and the slimy DemocRAT Communists?

  4. He has unfailingly taken the liberal side, or more accurately the anti-conservative side of every major decision he has presided over since ‘Obamacare’ if I have missed a case please point it out and I will retract the ‘every’ part of this statement.


  5. I can’t believe people are falling for this crap about Roberts flying Epstein’s jet when the evidence is right in front of your fricking eyes!

    A. That’s not a flight log of Epstein’s jet, it is the personal flight log of an apparent contract pilot named David Rodgers. In fact, there is not one aircraft on that pilot’s log that is registered to Epstein.
    B. Column 1 is the make and model of the aircraft being flown. In this case, G-1159SP indicates it’s a Gulf Stream 11 SP performance
    C. Column 2 is the registration number of the jet: N530GA
    D. N530GA is registered to the owner which is AIG Inc.
    E. The John Roberts listed was the Vice President of AIG at the time of those flights and he lived in Bloomfield Hills, MI
    F. Next column indicates where the flight originated (PBI) which is Palm Beach International
    G. The next column indicates the destination airport (TEB) which is Teterboro airport in New Jersey

    The next entry in the log of David Rodgers showed he flew another jet from Teterboro to Hanscom field in Massachusetts……..

    As a post script, there is also a reference to a flight log made on 3/22/2010 by the same pilot. That particular flight was on the same jet with the same Vice President of AIG, John Roberts, leaving (PBI) Palm Beach International with a destination of (PTK) Oakland County International Airport……….The county home of AIG VP John Roberts…….

    The Epstein/Justice Roberts airplane conspiracy theory has now been debunked! Case Closed…..LOL!

  6. There is conclusive proof that the “John Roberts” on the flight log is not Justice Roberts. One of the two dates listed is March 22, 2010. On that date, at 10:03 a.m., Justice Roberts was opening the Court to hear oral arguments in the case of Hamilton v Lanning. There is a transcript of the hearing which shows Roberts making comments, proving beyond any doubt that he was there. So how, then, does he end up on the Lolita Express that was flying from Palm Beach to New Jersey that same day? Please, drop this claim. It’s ridiculous.

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