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“Stick Your Progress Where the Sun Don’t Shine”: WATCH the Conservative Country Song That Has DESTROYED the Woke Competition

We love seeing patriots succeed, particularly when their success puts them in a dominant position over the radical left and shows that while many “cityidiots” might be woke, lots of real Americans that are patriots and enjoy seeing that patriotism in the public sphere.

Such was the case with conservative country star John Rich, who released a new song called “Progress” that shot straight to #1 on the charts.

And when you listen to the song and its very patriotic, anti-left lyrics, it’s not hard to understand why.

At one point in the song, for example, Rich rips into the radical ideas of the far-left and its idea of “progress”, he says:

They say building back better will make America great. If that’s the wave of the future, all I’ve got to say, [is] stick your progress where the sun don’t shine. Keep your big mess away from me and mine. If you leave us alone, well, we’d all be just fine.

And the first line of the song is itself great, with Rich summing up America’s main problem perfectly, saying “There’s a hole in this country where its heart used to be.

Indeed there is, not that the cult of “progress” cares.

In any case, patriotic Americans caught on to the song’s release and loved it, sending it skyrocketing to the #1 spot on the charts, as Wayne Dupree reported, saying:

The song, “Progress,” reached No. 1 on iTunes, edging out new releases from Billie Eilish and Lizzo, as well as “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush, which has returned to the charts after being featured on “Stranger Things.” The lyrics to Rich’s newest hit are chock full of messages for liberals and the Biden administration.

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Rich tweeted about that success too, saying:

Felt good to beat the machine today:) Thanks to all of you for the massive support! We are making good #Progress #NumberOne #Worldwide

Watch the music video and listen to that song here:

And when you look into what John Rich has been up to, the release of this very patriotic, very anti-woke song makes complete sense. As noted by Daily Wire:

Rich, a longtime conservative who supported Donald Trump in 2016, performed at a pre-inaugural concert with Big Kenny, the other half of Big & Rich. A frequent guest on Fox News, he co-wrote a song called “Shut Up About Politics” with the network’s Greg Gutfeld and also hosts the series “The Pursuit! with John Rich” on Fox Business Network. The show seeks to inspire and unite Americans around the rights articulated in the Declaration of Independence, especially the “pursuit of happiness,” he previously stated.

Additionally, in his 2019 hit, “Shut Up About Politics,” Rich ripped into the “Swamp”, saying:

“You punch left, I punch right. We’re caught up in the middle of a deep swamp fight. Some people lie, some people steal.. and everybody’s talking ’bout the Green New Deal.”

And the song isn’t important just because it tells the left where it can stick it’s “progress” in quite hilarious fashion. It’s also important because it shows what consumers actually want, as RedState reported, saying:

While “woke,” in-your-face movies like Disney Pixar’s disastrous, “Lightyear,” which ridiculously and needlessly includes same-sex kissing, predictably bombed across the country, the megahit “Top Gun: Maverick” broke box office records across America.

While the ratings of CNN and MSNBC continue to swirl down the viewership toilet, Fox News in primetime continues to thrash their liberal lapdog ratings combined.

And while “Green Day” frontman and California native Billy Joe Armstrong told a London crowd in the aftermath of the overturn of Roe v. Wade that he was renouncing his American citizenship in an expletive-filled rant trashing America, American patriot John Rich soared to the top of the iTunes charts with an anthem destroying everything Armstrong and his woke comrades “stand” for.

Americans don’t want woke, unpatriotic trash. They want to see content that makes them proud to be an American, as Rich’s success in releasing “Progress” so brilliantly shows.