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“You’ll Find Out Soon”: Country Star John Rich Pledges to Expose Those Firing Musicians Over Jab Status

A few performers have handled the Covid pandemic and the resulting attempts at vaccine-based discrimination honorably. Kid Rock, for example, has pledged to not perform anywhere where a jab is required. Similarly, Joe Rogan won’t get the jab and won’t perform places that require it.

However, many others have, inevitably, bent the knee to the medical tyrants and gone all-in on the jab. Washed-up singer Neill Young, for example, recently went berserk and called for Joe Rogan to be kicked off Spotify over his stance on the jab.

In fact, some have even gone crazy enough that now they are firing musicians that don’t get the jab or go along with the mandates, selling out hard workers and excellent musicians in the name of the global medical tyranny.

But they aren’t unopposed and now some performers, the ones with spines, are fighting back against their Quisling brethren. One is country singer John Rich, who went on Twitter to say:

Recorded with an A list player today who was FIRED from one of the biggest artists in country music for not taking the jab. Tears flowed, but in the end she did not bow down. GOOD for her! These “country” artists market to you, but they ain’t you. You’ll find out names, soon.

Louder with Crowder, reporting on Rich’s pledge, includes this disclaimer, one that might as well be shared: “Because Facebook is Facebook, here is all the information on the Fauci Ouchie that the CDC has approved for you to know.

Regardless of what the medical bureaucrats say, what’s at stake here isn’t the health of the nation or the efficacy of the vaccine. To learn about that, consult the above link if you must. Rather, what’s at stake here is medical autonomy.

If employers can become agents of the government, punishing employees for not violating themselves with some substance, what’s next? Regardless of the safety of this vaccine, and let’s say it’s as safe as the Facebook-approved sources say, what happens the next time the government decides it wants us all to take something, can’t force a mandate through the courts, and then private companies start pushing their own mandates to make up for that? As Crowder notes:

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let’s be clear, this artist, whoever he or she is, isn’t the government. They’re enforcing the mandates “strongly encouraged” by Joe Biden. Which is the exact way Joe Biden plans to get around the constitution. That and calling people who disagree with him “misinformation.”

That’s what’s at stake here, and why it’s important to know who’s going along with Dr. Fauci the terrible. Without people like John Rich shining a light on who is going along with it all, we won’t know who can’t be trusted, we wouldn’t know who is going along with the regime and trying to find a legal workaround to implement a policy that the highest court in the land found objectionable.

This isn’t a vaccine issue, much as the censors might like to make it one. No, this is a matter of liberty, or employers abusing their power by forcing employees to take something non-consensually and firing them if they don’t take it.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.