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Meme: Joe’s Reminder

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Not only is Joe Biden a disgrace, he’s also a joke.

It used to be that even if American presidents weren’t good at their job, they were at least forces of nature that presented the American spirit in a good light.

JFK, for example, involved us in Vietnam and his Cuba policies almost ended in a nuclear holocaust. Not exactly the best policies for the average guy that doesn’t want to turn into a carbon shadow. But, he also perfectly encapsulated the ideal American of the time. He was a bit of a playboy, but in a classy way. He was a war hero that didn’t lord it over everyone. He was young, energetic, and focused on defeating the Soviets. He was an American when America was at its vibrant height.

His successor, LBJ, was even worse. From his escalation of the Vietnam War to his War on Poverty, pretty much every LBJ policy was an unmitigated disaster. But, unlike Joe, LBJ was at least a force of nature. His powerful personality let the world know that America was still boss.

Those are just two, but the point largely holds true: American presidents have generally been powerful personalities that, at the very least, show the vigor of the American spirit in their actions. Even the bad presidents — FDR, Obama, Wilson, W. Bush, Harding — even they were the big men in the room and drove events with their personalities. Say what you will about Obama, I know I could say plenty, but he was hardly timid, like his fellow presidents.

Except for two: Jimmy Carter and Biden. Both of those sorry specimens are weak, timid men that deserve nothing but the most base contempt. Carter let Iranian savages hold Americans hostage for hundreds of days and his weak soul led to years of stagflation and economic disaster. Biden’s crimes need no explanation or elaboration; they’ve been on full display for months now.

And what does that make Biden? A disgraceful joke. He’s not a president, he’s a punchline that makes each one of us cringe at the thought of how far America has fallen.

And that brings us to the meme about Joe’s reminder. It’s only funny because we all know he’s a senile fool, and that shows just how bad things in America have gotten.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Gab and Facebook

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