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Joe’s Numbers Continue to Fall!

By: Donovan Corzo of Mixed Texan Politics

What is Biden’s approval rating?

Things have gotten rough for Biden to say the least. I think he is imploding before our very eyes and it didn’t take long!

When he was installed in the White House he was riding the wave of the Trump economic recovery and vaccine rollouts. People were traveling again, spending more stimulus money, but that has all come crashing down in a matter of months.

As I said in my first post about his poll numbers, a number of crises have really unfolded.

Immigration, inflation, crime, the Covid resurgence, and now the disaster in Afghanistan. The honeymoon on this installed president has come to an end and there is no denying he is failing.

What are Biden’s poll numbers?

Well, according to Real Clear Politics, his average rating sits at 49.6% approval and 47.2% disapproval. On January 27th, after his first week in office, those numbers were 55.5% approval and 36% disapproval. That is an 11% swing in his disapproval rating.

Now go over to FiveThirtyEight, things look a little worse for Joe. The average approval rating is now down to 49.3% and disapproval 44.5%. On day 1 of his term, he was at 53.0% approval and 36.0% disapproval.

Joe Biden has shown he is incapable of leading this nation and the American people can see it.

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What else?

In a Rasmussen poll, voters were asked who they would vote for if the election were held today in a match up of Donald Trump vs Joe Biden. 43% said they would vote for Trump to 37% for Biden.

Also, 7% of Biden voters would switch to Trump and only 2% of Trump voters would go to Biden.

Crime is an issue both Republicans and Democrats agree on. 81% Republicans and 60% of Democrats and 68% of unaffiliated voters say crime is out of control. Crime is one of those issues that most of us can agree on unless you’re a radical leftist. Heck, even elected radical leftist officials want to be safe. Some of them spend thousands on personal security but still want to defund the police.

To say the least, I am very happy that people are waking up to the nonsense going on sine this administration took over. I think a lot of us can say we miss Donald Trump. The bright side is, this mess is setting things up for a Republican blowout in 2022 and possibly a return of Trump in the White House in 2024.

Please, call or e-mail your Congressman/Congresswoman or Senator to get them to start talking about removing Joe Biden from office. He has proven to be a danger to this country. Kamala is no better but at least we will have one person of incompetence out.!