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Gun Control Flop: Manchin Opposes the 2 Gun Control Bills Passed in the House

One Pro-2nd Amendment Democrat: Joe Manchin Opposes the House’s Gun Control Bills

Right at the beginning of his presidency, Joe Biden showed he isn’t a moderate by calling for more gun control. Soon afterward, the Democrats in the House showed their anti-freedom impulses by passing two gun control bills with the help of 8 RINO traitors.

Luckily for freedom-loving, pro-2nd Amendment Americans, Joe Manchin, the most powerful man in Washington at the moment, has gone against the darker impulses of his party and announced that he does not support the two gun control bills that the Harris Administration is pushing for.

According to CNN, when asked, Manchin said ““No, I don’t support what the House passed. Not at all.”

While I normally wouldn’t rely on CNN for information since it’s the very definition of fake news, in this case I had to because Manchin made his comments to CNN reporters.

Also according to CNN, Manchin said this in regard to “background checks,” a key piece of the gun control bills his anti-2nd Amendment party wants to pass. Here’s what he said:

“I’m still basically where Pat Toomey and I have been: The most reasonable responsible gun piece of legislation called Gun Sense, which is basically saying that commercial transactions should be a background checked. Commercial, you don’t know a person. If I know a person, no.”

That view is, in my opinion, quite reasonable. Yes, the 2nd Amendment “shall not be infringed.” But, it seems we have a duty to ensure criminals aren’t buying guns and background checks, if not recorded as a way to create a national gun database, are the best way to do so. For that reason, it seems like a reasonable compromise to have gun stores conduct background checks but to not force friends, family members, or acquaintances to perform background checks on each other before selling a gun.

The gun control bills that Manchin does not support would force friends and family to perform background checks on each other in the same manner as gun shops, which is nonsensical. Gun stores don’t know your history. Your friends and family do.

Manchin’s lack of support is crucial because the Senate is split 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans. Were Manchin to support the bills in the future, especially if the filibuster is done away with, Kamala Harris would be the tiebreaking vote and the bills would pass. If the 2nd Amendment is to be preserved, Manchin needs to hold the line.

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Thanks to Manchin’s brave defense of firearm rights, the only threat now is that a Chamberlain of the GOP like Mitt Romney or Rick Scott would throw in the towel and vote in favor of the ridiculous, tyrannical bills that the House passed because they want “compromise” or “bipartisan reform.” As 8 RINOs voted for the gun control bills in the House, that is a distinct possibility, if still unlikely. We must remain vigilant, staying on the lookout for any politicians that want to use their power to limit our right to keep and bear arms.

Finally, while Manchin’s refusal to support these gun control bills is certainly a positive development, it isn’t the end of the battle. As previously stated a RINO could still vote for the bills. More likely and worryingly, Joe Biden has announced that he intends on using Executive Orders to advance his gun control objectives. We must fight such dictatorial measures by any means necessary, recognizing the substantial threat they pose to our liberties and God-given right to bear arms.

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