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Joe Biden will Lose in a Landslide in 2020

My Thoughts on Why Joe Biden will Lose in a landslide in 2020

If you are someone who watches the fake news media on a regular basis, you’ve probably been informed by those talking heads on CNN, NBC, or any of the other fake news channels that Trump is sure to lose in the 2020 election. Nothing could be further from the truth; Joe Biden will lose in a landslide in 2020 as long as conservatives, especially young conservatives, do their part and make sure that “yuge” numbers of Trump supporters get out their and vote for him.

Why is that? Why am I, a mere 21-year-old college conservative, so sure that Joe Biden will lose in a landslide in 2020? Because Trump has persevered despite everything the Democrats have thrown at him throughout 2020 and is still kicking; he’s hosting rallies, fighting for America and its culture, and continuing to make America great again. Trump’s amazing fighting spirit and dedication to America is why I’m sure that Joe Biden will lose in a landslide in 2020.

Just think of everything the Democrats have done this year to cover up their malfeasance during the 2016 election. They truly have pulled out every single stop imaginable to make it less obvious that Joe Biden will lose in a landslide in 2020. Of course, that doesn’t mean that he’ll win. Despite everything the Democrats have done for him he will still, I think, lose. But, it’s worth reviewing how the Democrats have gone to every length to help #CreepyJoe.

When the Chinese flu first became an issue, they attacked Trump’s limited and reasonable responses to it; remember how Chuck Schumer lambasted the ban on flights from China as “racist?” I do. That ridiculous response from the Democrats allowed the Chinese flu to spread like wildfire across America as President Trump’s hands were tied by accusations of racism and bigotry. Of course, Trump is obviously not a racist, but that couldn’t matter less to the lying, power-hungry Democrats.

Then, once they’d allowed Coronavirus to become a pandemic, the Democrats attacked Trump for not doing enough! That’s right, first they stopped him from fighting it and in doing so killed the economy, which they did just to hurt Trump, then they attacked him for not doing enough! The hypocrisy and self-serving nature of the Democrats is astounding.

After the Trump administration got the pandemic under control, which was done without any help from our friends on the left, the Democrats and Antifa thugs used a false and self-serving narrative about George Floyd’s death to instigate riots across America. Those violent riots have continued to this day.

Yet despite all that, Trump has survived and kept on fighting for all Americans. Real Americans recognize that and continue to rally in support of him, while no one is enthusiastic about Joe Biden. Just think, have you seen a single Joe Biden poster at any of these recent race riots or protests?

joe biden will lose in a landslide because of riots

Nope, not a one. The Democrats might be angry (or they might just be faking it), but they’re not particularly motivated to put senile and corrupt Joe Biden into office. That’s why Joe Biden will lose in a landslide in 2020.

In my opinion, the lesson from all this is the same; don’t trust the leftists or the media. They lie to you constantly in their attempts to unseat Trump. They have lied about Russia, Flynn, DOJ corruption, various supposed scandals, and pretty much every other aspect of the Trump presidency. Why should we believe what they have to say about George Floyd’s death or the Chinese flu?

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So, if you’re a conservative, know that as long as you do your part, Trump will win in 2020. Your answer to “can Joe Biden win in 2020″ should be a definite “no!” However, remember that the operative part of that prior sentence is “do your part.” We can’t be complacent like we were in 2018. The Democrats are doing everything in their power to make it a lie that Joe Biden will lose in a landslide in 2020. They want him to win and think he will win. They will be proven wrong, Joe Biden will lose, but only if every Republican in America gets out there and does his or her part to avert a horrific Biden presidency.

Spread articles like this one on why Joe Biden will lose in a landslide in 2020. Donate to the Trump campaign. Buy conservative gear that supports Trump so undecided Americans know which candidate real Americans support. Do whatever it takes to beat back the rampaging horde of fascistic leftists that want to destroy America.

We Republicans can win and ensure that not only will Joe Biden lose in a landslide in 2020, but that the GOP will also hold the House and Senate. But only if we all do our part. That’s the key.

This might be yet another Flight 93 election. The Trump/MAGA revolution is not yet complete, there is still work to be done. And the Democrats, imbued by their sense of importance and racial grievance and imaginary oppression to fight against, are doing everything in their power to make sure that it isn’t true that Joe Biden will lose in a landslide in 2020. We need to stop them and their radical policies before it’s too late.

But things are not entirely desperate. While I remain fully committed to stating that Republicans need to start standing up for President Donald Trump in public and fighting back against the lies and slander of Creepy Joe Biden and the fake news media, I also have been watching the evidence in the news that Joe Biden will lose in a landslide in 2020.

For one, Biden has been crumbling in the polls as more and more Americans see that not only is America unraveling during its summer of discontent, but also that the Democrats are the ones supporting those riots. Democrats like Joe Biden support the riots that are destroying communities, leading to far more deaths than are caused by unjust police shootings, and are ruining the lives of small business owners that had been prospering because of the very strong Trump economy.

And Americans don’t want a rioter-in-chief like Joe Biden. They don’t want a radical Marxist that supports the rioters and stands against the police in command of this great nation. And that is why the polls are starting to show that Joe Biden will lose in a landslide in the November election; he is, to many Americans, at least, merely a front for the radical Democratic Party.

Evidence of that comes from polling. As of July, President Trump was down about 14 points. While some of that was because of survey bias, a lot of it was because his messaging was off and Americans were unhappy. But, now they are realizing that their lives were getting better under Trump but would be far, far worse under Joe Biden. The riots have dragged on and on, as have the shutdowns, making people miserable. And Democrats are at the forefront of pushing for those riots and shutdowns.

So, as more Americans wake up to that fact, Joe Biden will lose in a landslide. Americans will not vote to put a pro-riot, anti-America lifelong politician in office, not now or ever. That is reflected in the polls; they are now more or less a dead heat.

That does not take the onus off of you. You still need to get out there and vote and start agitating in support of President Trump. Tell everyone you know about his many successes as President. Educate them on the facts of his so-far very good presidency, the facts that the fake news media refuses to report. Those facts will help us make sure that Joe Biden will lose in a landslide in 2020.

But know that there is hope. All is not lost if one of your friends still, for whatever reason, refuses to vote for Trump. He is back on top and will remain in a winning position because the Democrats are frauds, hypocrites, and professional riots. No party can win with such evil and incompetent people in its ranks; Joe Biden will lose in a landslide.

By: Gen Z Conservative