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Joe Biden Shredded by the Wife of the ‘America-hating’ WNBA Player Detained in Russia, Who Just Pleaded Guilty

The alleged ‘America-hating’ WNBA player Brittney Griner was advocating to President Biden, asking if the United States can intervene and release her from her longtime Russian detention, fearing she could be imprisoned “forever.”

In recent weeks, the wife of Griner, Cherelle, has also broken her silence, calling on the Biden White House to intervene and attempting to slam Joe Biden for his alleged silence, or lack of response on the matter.

“It kills me every time that I write to her, and she’s asking ‘Have you met with him yet?’ And I have to say no,” she declared to “CBS Mornings” host Gayle King about her wife, who was detained in Russia after being arrested for possession of cannabis.

“I’m sure she’s like, ‘I’m going to write him and ask now because my family has tried to no avail, so I’m going to do it myself.’”

Cherelle Griner stated that Biden’s silent response to the handwritten letter from her wife was “very discouraging.”

“I still have not heard from him,” she deplored following an urgent speech about bringing her wife’s detention to the government’s attention.

Cherelle, who married Griner in 2017, said she remained silent for the majority of her detention, but decided to speak out after realizing her silence was not producing any progress.

“Everything about this is a calculation for me because I have to walk the fine line of harm versus help when it comes to my wife right now,” she stated.

“Initially, I was told we’re going to try to handle this behind scenes, so let’s not raise her value and stay quiet. You know, I did that, and, respectfully, we’re over 140 days in at this point and that does not work, so I will not be quiet anymore.”

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The Women’s National Basketball Association star, who has been receiving backlash for her opposition to the playing of the national anthem at basketball games, has a patriotic side, according to Cherelle, and she has chosen to write to Biden on July 4 for that reason.

“She cherishes the Fourth of July. Her dad fought in the Vietnam War… B.G. loves that and so she cherishes this holiday, and she uses it as a day to honor his service and freedom, so I know that it’s killing her that she wasn’t able to do her annual fireworks show and put chairs on the lawn for all of us to sit down and really give him the respect due.”

Cherelle continued to emphasize Griner’s appreciation for America, saying she had repeatedly said she would join the military if she weren’t a basketball player.

The Russian Federal Customs Service charged Brittney Griner with large-scale transportation of drugs after stopping her at a Moscow airport in February, an accusation that Cherelle said “blew [her] mind” and that she knew the allegations were false the moment she heard them.

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7 thoughts on “Joe Biden Shredded by the Wife of the ‘America-hating’ WNBA Player Detained in Russia, Who Just Pleaded Guilty”

  1. She made it clear that she hates America, well now she’s in Russia, what comes around, goes around! Republicans are treated like something on the bottom of your shoe,we are tired of double standards,I don’t care that she’s in prison, she can thank her President for not caring either!

  2. They BOTH got what THEY voted Incompetent, Feeble minded, Greedy, Self absorbed Obama Puppet. Let them live with THEIR decision. Hating the ONE country that allows people that HATE IT to stay and become wealthy and famous..and STILL THEY WHINE.
    Disgusting people. Both of them

  3. It is disgusting for these self centered, better than thou, self appointed elites that think they are above the law. This thing belongs in the Russian jail, and she needs to serve her sentence. How dare it whine to Biden to get it’s self out of what she put herself into. This has got to stop. She had the drugs now serve the time. The Demo party is not better than anyone else and it’s time for their ,we don’t have to be held accountable for what we do attitude. The wife needs to stop howling as well. They need to check that one for drugs as well.

  4. Biden isn’t going to do anything thing he doesn’t have a brain hes ruining are country as we speak the girl got caught with drugs so she needs to be accountable for her actions Biden can’t take care of himself he has a mental problem can’t make any decisions on his own with out someone telling him what to do he was an idiot when he was Vice President he’s definitely the worst president ever and he cheated getting the votes he’s a virus he needs something to put him down and put him out of his missed🤡🤡🤡🥸🥸🥸🥸🥸🥸🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  5. How can this left liberal “news site” even use word alleged America hater when the hater words came straight out of her mouth!

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