Joe Biden is Unelectable in 2020: His Corruption, Senility, and Views Show Why

Joe Biden is unelectable
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Joe Biden is Unelectable: His Actions Show Why

Well, Democrats finally did it and got that crazy, dangerous, old commie– Bernie Sanders- to drop out of the presidential race. That means that “Sleepy Joe” Biden will be the Democratic nominee for US President (pending him becoming too mentally infirm to run, of course). They’re probably patting themselves on the back right now, but what they don’t understand is that Joe Biden is unelectable.

In fact, Joe is probably just as unelectable in a national presidential election as Bernie Sanders would be. What he lacks in evil ideology he makes up for in embarrassing gaffes, rapid mental deterioration, and likely corruption.

Joe has been falling apart for months now; he’s an utter mess. His son Hunter’s connection to Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company, means that Joe Biden is likely corrupt. And, his many gaffes and lack of wherewithal point to him being senile. Those aren’t really the traits you want to be seeing in a presidential candidate.

The fact remains that Democrats are likely to forget about moderates in the 2020 election. Sure, they got rid of Bernie Sanders, the communist who would put you in a gulag for reading this blog. But, the radical ideas remain and Joe Biden likely believes in at least some of them. That means Joe can’t be trusted to run America; he’d ruin it!

Somehow, Democrats don’t realize that Joe Biden is unelectable. Because of their Trump Derangement Syndrome, they think everyone hates Trump and his policies just as much as they do.

But that’s completely untrue. Despite the misgivings some moderates and conservatives have about Trump’s profligate spending and past personal indiscretions, his presidency so far has been a “yuge” success. Taxes are down, the economy was humming along until the Chinese flu hit, and deregulation is happening. In other words, Trump is working for the prosperity of all Americans in a way that Joe Biden never would. That one, simple fact makes Trump far more electable than Biden.

So, don’t despair about the upcoming election. it won’t be a cakewalk; many Democrats are motivated to win and will fight dirty. But we have an excellent President on our side while they have a senile has-been on theirs. As long as we remain motivated to keep Trump in office he’ll win because Joe Biden is unelectable.

Furthermore, we will win and Joe Biden will lose in a landslide because Sleepy/Creepy Joe has made bad decision after bad decision. His tax plan will ruin America. He has openly stated that he will take your guns. He has made statements that show that he is not a moderate and chose Kamala Harris as his VP, and she is not a moderate. And, of course, Joe Biden is a walking gaffe-machine.

In short, Joe Biden is unelectable because everything he does and says is unpopular. Americans do not want for leftists like Joe Biden to take their guns. They do not want their wealth and hard-earned money to be confiscated by high taxes that pay for ridiculous welfare programs. And they certainly do not want a far-left duo like Biden and Harris in the White House. The Democrats had a chance to choose a moderate that would follow the middle road and have a chance of winning. But instead they chose a radical. Hence why Joe Biden is unelectable.

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So, in conclusion, do not be alarmed by the Biden campaign team. Their messaging is that Joe Biden basically cannot lose at this point. They state that because of changing demographics and Trump’s bombastic personality, this election is practically already in the bag for Joe.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Joe won’t win. Yes, America’s demographics are changing and Trump is unpopular with lots of people. But Joe Biden, because of his views, corruption, and senility, is utterly unelectable.

Republicans need to do their part and rally support for the president. But they should not lose hope- Joe Biden is unelectable, so Trump will likely win in 2020.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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