Joe Biden is Senile. Pray for America

joe biden is senile
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America should be Concerned that Joe Biden is Senile

Have any of you attempted to watch a Joe Biden event recently? If you have, then you can probably understand why I’m writing this post. If you have not, then you need to go to YouTube and find a highlight of his recent gaffes. they’re absurd. Joe Biden is senile and his senility is turning his campaign into an absolute train-wreck. Just witness the constant mistakes, accidental racist remarks, and his obvious inability to comprehend what is going on. Joe Biden is not going to be a good president; hell, he does not even seem to know what is going on, as he admitted in his disaster of a town hall.

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Since he started his campaign, it has been obvious that Joe is a mess. He and his son were seemingly involved in a corrupt scheme in Ukraine. He can’t remember where he is, or even what he’s running for. Joe insults voters and yells at anyone who dares to ask him questions. He doesn’t understand the 2nd Amendment. And, of course, he can’t be trusted to stand up for America on the world stage. “But those are just mistakes,” some claim. They act like he is still a viable presidential candidate even though he obviously cannot comprehend what is going on. Joe Biden is senile, not just misguided and incapable.

His state of mind would always be concerning since he’s running for president. It’s scary to think that someone that doesn’t have a functioning brain could be in charge of our nuclear arsenal. But, in this election season, Biden’s senility is even more important for America because he’s running against Bernie Sanders, the dangerous communist.

Now, of course, Comrade Bernie has dropped out and is not longer running for president. Thank goodness, America can not afford to have someone like Bernie in charge. He and other delusional socialists like AOC would destroy this country with their policies. America could survive a Joe Biden presidency. It would be terrible, but we’d survive. However, America could not survive a Bernie Sanders presidency. If he had been elected, his policies would have destroyed America. America is lucky that, despite the fact that Joe Biden is senile, he somehow managed to beat Bernie Sanders.

Despite that one redeeming quality, Joe is still a horrible, horrible presidential candidate. He does not know where he is or what he is running for. His mental state is deteriorating rapidly. He is certainly not a moderate, and, worst of all, Joe Biden is senile.

That is a problem. I doubted Biden would win; I hoped and thought that because Joe Biden is senile, he would lose in a landslide. But, I always knew that there was a chance that he could win. Because of constant media attacks and overwhelmingly negative news stories, creepy, senile Joe Biden somehow had a lead over President Trump and managed to eke out a narrow “victory.”

And now that he won, senile Joe Biden is in charge of the most powerful nation on Earth. Our military, global responsibility, and numerous domestic issues will all be his problem. Can he handle that? I think not. He’s already purging the military and letting in thousands of illegals.

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Joe Biden is senile; even at their mental best, many presidents have struggled to handle their duties well. Nixon couldn’t. LBJ couldn’t. George W. Bush and Obama both did horrible jobs. And they were all “all there” mentally. How is Joe Biden supposed to handle the immense power and responsibility of the presidency? He can’t even remember what location he is speaking at.

So, America should be concerned that Joe Biden is senile. He will erode American power, embarrass us on the world stage, implement a host of radical policies, and otherwise knock back all of Trump’s many great achievements that made us proud to be Americans again. I have a bad feeling about this.

Yes, Joe Biden’s many gaffes are funny to watch. They are also confidence inspiring; how could President Trump not beat someone so incompetent? But, at the same time, they are not confidence inspiring. Biden, at this point in his mental degeneration, is making very basic mistakes. I do not think he could handle the awesome power of the presidency. Because Joe Biden is senile, he cannot handle power responsibly. He would just lead America down a path of destruction.

And do not think this is just the rant of a young conservative that does not want Joe Biden to be president. Other Americans agree. Huge numbers of Americans, even 20% of Democrats, think that Joe Biden is senile or demented. They are worried about that. Right or left, no one wants to be ruled by a demented or senile old man; especially one that is such a far-left radical.

We somehow couldn’t stop Biden from becoming president. That’s unfortunate. But, all hope is not lost. We just have to fight back against senile Joe Biden and his cronies harder than ever!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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