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Joe Biden is not a Moderate, Whatever He Might Claim


People like to pretend that Creepy Joe Biden is somehow a “moderate” or “centrist” that will not act as a puppet for the radical leftists if he is somehow elected. That is patently absurd. Joe Biden is not a moderate; he is a political opportunist that will do whatever it takes to gain power.

Creepy Joe is many things. He is corrupt, senile, probably a rapist, certainly creepy, and hopefully will not be president. But, Joe Biden is not a moderate. He might pretend to be one. Some on the left and many in the middle would like to pretend that he is one. But he is not. He is an opportunist. So, now that the radical left has taken over the Democratic Party and turned it into the party of socialism, Joe will act like any other radical leftist would if he ends up in the White House.

Even some conservatives would like to pretend that Creepy Joe is a “centrist.” They say his record shows that because he has done one or two things in the past that seem bipartisan. Maybe they are saying that because they think that Trump will lose and want to have hope, or maybe they are just misinformed. In my view, nothing in Biden’s record or current platform shows him to be a moderate.

Others agree with me on that point. One such writer is Phil Gramm of the WSJ editorial staff. In a recent op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, Gramm notes how it is obvious that Joe Biden is not a moderate because he has adopted most of the Bernie agenda, with a few slight changes to make its socialist goals appear marginally more reasonable.

Summary of Why Creepy Joe Biden is not a Moderate

First, after discussing Biden’s past appeals to bipartisanship and centrist policy decisions, mainly during the 2019-2020 Democratic primary, Gramm notes how we have quickly seen, mainly from his own discussion of the economy, that Joe Biden is not a moderate. In his own words, he doesn’t want to rebuild the economy, but rather to transform it into something entirely now. That’s radical, not moderate.

Gramm then goes on to describe some of the more radical portions of the Biden Agenda, many of which seem like they were taken right out of a Bernie speech. Well, perhaps they were. Supposedly, Biden plagiarized Bernie’s policy agenda and is not using it to rally the far left. The radical nature of his agenda shows that Joe Biden is not a moderate:

“The Biden-Sanders “Unity” manifesto envisions the socialism of an all-encompassing welfare state, with virtually every need a right, and every right guaranteed by taxpayer funding. Housing becomes a right, and “no one should have to pay more than 30 percent of their income for housing.” Public colleges will be “tuition-free” for “roughly 80 percent of the American people.” Student loans are expunged, payments are capped and eventually forgiven. School lunches, along with breakfast and supper, will be universally free.”

From: The Biden-Sanders Manifesto

Finally, after giving a plethora of other example of Biden’s radical agenda, Gramm goes on to describe why those things show that Joe Biden is not a moderate and what the choice really was this past November of 2020: it is one between traditional America and a radical remaking of the American system.

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My Thoughts on Why Joe Biden is not a Moderate

When people advocate for Joe Biden, their typical line of reasoning is that he is a) not Trump and b) a moderate, so also not Trump. That is all they have to say about him. No one thinks that he is a genius. No one thinks that he will do a particularly good job. Hell, no one even thinks that he is particularly sentient. I’m certain that no one is excited about voting for him, which is why we have not seen a single Joe Biden sign at any of the recent riots/protests. The fact is, all that Biden has going for him is that people, for some reason, believe that he’s a moderate.

Nothing could be further from the truth; Joe Biden is not a moderate. He supports far-left, socialist policies, wants to defund the police, has called for increasing the scope of welfare programs, and cannot stand up for himself against the far-left radicals in his own party.

Joe Biden is not a moderate and he is not a leader; everyone knows it.

Why is that important? Because it means that if conservatives wake up and start acting against Joe now, then we should be able to beat him in the November election.

Sure, there will always be a few Democrats that will vote for Biden no matter what. He is the Democrat candidate and those people will do whatever it takes to get Trump out of office. Those people could not care less about the fact that Joe Biden is not a moderate because, well, they themselves are not moderates but are instead pro-welfare and pro-socialist extremists that, like Creepy Joe and Comrade Bernie, want to radically change America.

But, a significant majority of the support for Biden comes from the idea that he is somehow a moderate because many of the Democrat voters are, in fact moderates. They do not want socialism or wholesale change of America and its institutions. They would just prefer to get rid of the current chaos, which they (wrongly) see as the fault of Trump, and for slightly more left-leaning policies to be put into place. Those people, a significant slice of the Democratic Party, might be wrong in their views on policy. But, they are not crazy people like the Antifa thugs or BLM Marxists. In reality, they can be reasoned with and we can change their minds on Joe Biden.

Republicans can weaken that support significantly just by explaining to those people that Joe Biden is not a moderate. He wants to significantly transform America and its economy. Those are not the thoughts of a moderate, those are the thoughts of a radical. Or, more realistically, a senile old man who is being manipulated and controlled by radicals.


Do not be fooled by the fake news media. Joe Biden is not a moderate. There is no evidence that he is a centrist. But, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that, if by some chance he wins the election, America will be radically altered and average Americans will be significantly worse off. That’s the truth about creepy Joe Biden. Do not forget it.

And, if at all possible, do more than remember that Joe Biden is not a moderate. Preferably, educate moderate Democrats on the subject so that they can see the truth. Some of the Democrats are Marxists that seem to be doing their best to send our glorious republic into a death spiral. But others are reasonable people that are just misguided. Talk to them. Educated them. And in so doing, help ensure that Trump will be reelected in 2020 and that Joe Biden will lose in a landslide. The fate of the nation depends on you doing so.

If you don’t America may never be the same. Preserve America. Force people to understand that Joe Biden is not a moderate.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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