October 19, 2020

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Joe Biden is a mess

Joe Biden is a Mess

My Take on Why Joe Biden is a Mess

Joe Biden’s shortcomings are pretty easy to see. He’s creepy. Wavering over and making contradictory statements about the 2nd Amendment seems to be his calling card. He makes an almost endless number of embarrassing gaffes. And, of course, he’s corrupt and can’t be trusted. The worst part of Joe Biden’s deteriorating state, right now, at least, is that he makes gaffes constantly is unable to prevent himself from making a wide array of comments that are either racist or show that he holds deeply unpopular views. So, in my opinion, at least, it’s easy to see that Joe Biden is a mess that shouldn’t be president.

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Unfortunately, few Democrats see it that way. Just like with Elizabeth Warren’s lies, they’re disregarded abhorrent past behavior in the hope it will help them in the moment.

That’s not how the American system of government was supposed to work. Just read The Federalist Papers or Anti-Federalist Papers. If you do, you’ll see pretty quickly that the Founders were counting on a virtuous citizenry and virtuous elected leaders.

Obviously, that’s not really the case on right or left now. Instead, we have self-serving bureaucrats and politicians who stay in office despite doing nothing to help America. From corrupt, establishment Republicans to the overwhelming majority of the Democratic Party, America’s politicians and bureaucrats view themselves as an above the law elite that has no need to deal with or help the peons that they supposedly serve and represent. Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the salon is just the most recent example of that.

Joe Biden is quite obviously one of those self-serving politicians. He’s used his political office for personal gain and as people start to see that Joe Biden is a mess, they also start to see how corrupt he is.

But, again, that’s not a problem exclusive to him. In fact, the whole Democratic Party is a mess. Its candidates for the presidency are absolutely awful. No one knows what it stands for other than gun control, illegal immigration, and abortion. The party is pushing for an unpopular impeachment. And, its politicians currently in office are quite obviously socialists. They’re all a far cry from the days of JFK. While that wasn’t a problem exclusively of the Obama years, it worsened under it, and Joe Biden shows that: his time as VP is when he helped enrich his family at the expense of American interests the most.

America needs to recover from the Obama years and the corrupt nature of them. The first step to doing so is to openly acknowledge that Joe Biden is a mess that should not be president. Other important steps will follow. But recognizing that comes first.

I think that if we openly recognize and start to state that Joe Biden is a mess and not physically or mentally fit for the presidency, then it will put Democrats on their back foot and help us ensure that Trump wins again in 2020 and Joe Biden loses in a landslide.

Right now, Democrats are doing everything possible to hide that Joe Biden is a mess that is falling apart. They have kept him in his basement, prevent him from speaking to reporters or supporters in unscripted situations, and are doing everything possible to keep him out of the limelight.

That’s because they know that he will lose horribly if American’s see his true nature. We as a nation find corruption repulsive, and Joe Biden is the embodiment of corruption in the government. Similarly, racism is the new great evil in America. And Joe Biden is quite racist, as his many gaffes show. And, of course, we all know that the presidency is a tough and stressful job. Once people see that Joe Biden is a mess that is likely senile or suffering from some form of dementia, how likely is it that they will vote for him? I would say that it is pretty unlikely.

So, precisely because Democrats do not want the public to know that Joe Biden is falling apart, Republicans need to start hammering the point home as forcefully and frequently as possible. Show people videos of Joe Biden’s gaffes. Share articles like this one on social media. Discuss the many signs of Biden’s mental failings. Do everything in your power to let people know that Joe Biden is a mess that should not be president.

That will be a winning message for Republicans in 2020. Unlike Sleepy Joe Biden, President Trump is at the top of his game. He sleeps little and works quite hard. He’s able to handle difficult and long interview sessions and fight off a press that hates him. And, best of all, he has put many policy goals into action. He might as well be the exact opposite of Joe Biden. If Americans see that and see that Joe Biden is a mess, they will vote for President Trump. So fight for a Trump victory by showing people just how senile and demented Biden really is.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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