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Biden’s Background: He’s a Constantly Failing Houseplant

Sleepy, creepy Joe Biden, a houseplant that failed in three previous runs for the highest desk job America has to offer is now president. Let’s review his years of failure. proudly proclaims that NO he only ran twice. They hang this loud NO on the fact that although he only garnered 1 delegate or 0.03% of the vote at the Democratic National Convention, that he hadn’t declared his bid to run for President in 1984. Even though he was an also-ran before ever going to the convention ‘Joe from Scranton’ would have gone on in the primaries backed by ‘King maker’ Pat Caddell, spending his rich party backers’ money because that is the kind of machine politician he is. But an article claiming he called Jesse Jackson ‘Boy’ effectively killed him that year. As you probably know, Biden has had several run-ins with ‘near-miss’ racist accusations due to his constant gaffes.

In his 1988 campaign, he had to drop out due to plagiarizing his speeches nearly verbatim from a British politician, Neil Kinnock. On that note, he also lied about his academic achievements.

Not only does this speak to Biden’s inherent dishonesty, but also, and perhaps most glaringly, it speaks to the fact that he is not very bright. If he took that advice from advisors he picks really stupid advisors and if he concocted that from his own council, he would be better off hiring stupid advisors.

All this to say that Biden has always been handled. Not making his own political moves or making his own policy, in fact, in 47 years in office it is hard to find any meaningful legislation he was a part of, although he has scored himself some really great assignments (check), and a spectacular mansion. So now that in both looks and deeds he resembles an inoffensive piece of pottery, his handlers knew that unless he keeled over he would do what he was told to do and the coalition between the news media, Big Tech, and the Dem machine could put him in the White House. (Notice that I didn’t say election shenanigans, I can read the tea leaves, that is a very bad thing to say).

So it stands to reason that the most radical plank of the party, the globalist, green new deal wing (Notice I didn’t say CCP wing) would be calling the shots. Riots by Marxist and Maoist gangs, BLM and Antifa (we’re anti-fascist, it’s in our name) hat tip to the ‘ education system’ for making this generation so lacking in critical thinking skills that this kind of garbage will fly.

Just about every issue that can be imagined (and some yet to be imagined) to divide America has been deployed. From igniting racial divisions that were closing under Trump to the wanton prejudice against Christianity to supporting invasions of illegals from South America, the Democrats are doing all they can to keep the houseplant in power.

By: David Gignac. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook


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