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Joe Biden and the 2nd Amendment: His Horrible Record

Joe Biden’s 2nd Amendment Stance:

Joe Biden and the 2nd Amendment do not have a great relationship, as you might expect, given that he is a Democrat that is growing far more to the left each and every day. Like the other anti-gun Democrats (but I repeat myself), he doesn’t seem to understand what the 2nd Amendment means or what it’s for.

He does not understand that the US Constitution says that it “shall not be infringed.” Sleepy Joe ignores the simple fact that Americans might want to be able to own the proper weapons for self-defense, such as an AR-15. There are many other examples, all of which provide further evidence that Joe Biden and the 2nd Amendment do not have a great relationship; like other gun-grabbing Democrats, Joe Biden does not understand why the 2nd Amendment is important.

What are those other examples of Joe Biden and the 2nd Amendment not getting along because of his ignorance and inability to understand it? Well, here’s one that I wrote in a recent Truth about Guns post:

“Even when Biden wanted to paint himself as a defender of gun rights, he advocated risky policies that would probably have led to dangerous behavior and more gun control. Pro tip: don’t take firearms advice from politicians.

But that was back when Biden at least tried to portray that he respected the right to keep and bear arms. Now, he doesn’t even bother to pretend. In recent statements, Biden has said that he will ban “large” (standard, 30-round capacity) magazines, declaring that “Federal law prevents hunters from hunting migratory game birds with more than three shells in their shotgun. That means our federal law does more to protect ducks than children.”


That inability to understand is most likely because of his affinity for gun control. In other words, he let his personal opinions cloud his judgment about the Constitution and the rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

The 2nd Amendment has been much maligned recently, especially by Democrat politicians. But why? Why is Joe Biden’s 2nd Amendment stance deemed ok, whereas if we said the same things but about the 1st Amendment, all hell would break loose? I think that double standard that surrounds the 2nd Amendment is unfair.

These quotes by Joe Biden on the 2nd Amendment would make him sound like a fascist if they were about the 1st Amendment. That discrepancy needs to be fixed. We conservatives that care about our right to keep and bear arms must fight to protect all of our rights. Fight for the 2nd Amendment just as you would fight for the 1st Amendment; with all of your strength. Our rights are God-given. We must protect them, even the ones that are now politically unpopular for some reason.

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All rights should be respected, not just the “PC” ones. Many liberals dislike gun rights because they favor gun control. Or as Biden would say about the 2nd Amendment, “rational” solutions. In my opinion, the only rational solution is to accept it as a right and to respect that right. The Founders inserted the 2nd Amendment into the Bill of Rights for a reason. For many reasons actually, as I discuss in my “Reasons to Own a Firearm” post.

Luckily Joe Biden won’t ever be President because he will lose in a landslide, so hopefully, our rights will remain respected!

August 2020 Addendum: I originally wrote this post during the Democrat debates when it looked like Sleepy Joe would be bested by anyone else in the Democratic Party. So, while I then thought that writing about Joe Biden and the 2nd Amendment wsa important, it was not a pressing issue. I thought there was no way he would even come close to the White House and presidency. Surely the Democrats would see how awful he is in literally every respect.

But, for some unknown reason, they chose Joe Biden. Joe Biden and the 2nd Amendment is a bad situation, but he is somehow even worse in many others. But the Democrats chose him. So, now, this article on Joe Biden and the 2nd Amendment is even more important for conservatives to read. We need to show other members of our party that Joe Biden’s stance on the 2nd Amendment is a horrible one not only because he is a Democrat but also because he simply cannot comprehend it. So, please share this article so that others can learn what they certainly need to learn about Joe Biden and the 2nd Amendment!

If we conservatives want to preserve our God-given right to keep and bear arms, sharing articles such as this one that call out Joe Biden’s 2nd Amendment stance might be the only way!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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