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Jim Acosta: A President DeSantis Shouldn’t Have to Save the “Biggest Moron” Chair in the Press Room Just So You Can Feel “Owned” – But He Will

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“Perhaps it’s time to start naming these new variants that may be coming out after them,” Acosta said, referring to the GOP politicians. “Instead of the delta variant, why not call it the DeSantis variant?”

While the left-wing lawyers on the Democrat party payroll are busy collecting sexual harassment allegations, the most vicious attack dogs of the American media are buying them time by taking turns trying to ravage Ron DeSantis. Last week, Joe Scarborough tried his best. This week, it’s the turn of Jim Acosta – a person who pretends to hate Trump while he continues to follow the former President around like a deranged woman stocking a former boyfriend.

“Delta variant is slamming states where vaccination rates are low. The map is clear.”

Hey Jim, maybe you need to check your map. The states with the lowest vaccination rates – North Dakota and Wyoming (under 45% of the population have received at least one shot) – have very low infection rates. Here are the CDC Covid tracker and the vaccination map by state. While you are there, you can also confirm that California that is leading the country in vaccinations, has so much Delta variant floating around that they decided to re-impose indoor mask mandates. Also, you can confirm that Florida is not “lagging in vaccinations.” In fact, it has the highest number of seniors in the country vaccinated, thus ensuring that the Florida health care system is not overwhelmed.

“The scientists warn the virus can mutate onto other variants.” 

And that makes Covid the best thing that’s ever happened to you since Donald Trump came down the golden escalator, Jim. This virus will never run out of variants – regardless of mandates that you want to enforce on American citizens. And that means you will always have a catchy name for any Republican that you choose to hate that week. This also means that Dr. Fauci, who promotes “another variant” with the same enthusiasm Kellogg’s promotes a new flavor of cereal, gets to appear on your show nightly until the day he dies.

“What about the border?”

Nice try implying that Covid conversation has nothing to do with the border, Jim. Ron DeSantis was pointing out how the Biden administration is contributing to the spread of Covid by allowing Covid positive illegal immigrants into the country. For those who are not yet convinced that Jim Acosta is a liar, here is the full quote:

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“This is a guy who ran for president saying he was going to, quote, ‘Shut down the virus.’ And what has he done? He’s imported more viruses from around the world by having a wide-open southern border. You have hundreds of thousands of people pouring across every month.”

“These people are being put on planes and buses by the government and not worrying about the Chinese coronavirus. Who knows what new variants are out there, but whatever variants are around the world, they’re coming across that southern border. Biden isn’t shutting down the virus; he’s helping to facilitate it in the country.”

“What’s next? ‘I am rubber in your glue’?” – says Jim Acosta, the person who dedicated his entire career to being a rubber in President Trump’s glue.

“An 11-month-old girl in Texas had to be flown 150 miles away for treatment because hospital beds are full in her town.” 

And why are the hospital beds full in her town, Jim? Is it because your favorite President is “following the science” by flooding small Texas towns with illegal immigrants that often need urgent medical careWhat about the border, Jim?

“DeSantis is a graduate of Harvard Law and Yale.”

That is the first true statement in your entire tirade, Jim. And that makes him an effective fighter against the totalitarians in the Biden administration.

“We can save money for all the funerals that will be coming in the days to come.” 

I know you are getting ready to enthusiastically cover all the funerals that are coming to Florida because DeSantis refuses to impose mask mandates on preschoolers. But in case they never materialize, could you please devote some time to the funerals that happen because Joe Biden is importing illegal criminals?

I am glad your skills of sucking the air out of the room by throwing mud at Republican leaders are not getting too rusty, Jim. When Ron DeSantis gets to the White House, he’ll save that “biggest moron” chair in the White House press corps labeled just for you.

 RWR original article syndication source.