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Ridiculous: Jen Psaki Tells Pissed Off Americans to “Have a Margarita” or Try Kickboxing

Are you pissed off with Team Brandon for being the exact opposite of King Midas (everything Brandon touches to shit rather than to gold)? Well, then Jen Psaki has a message for you: “Go to a kickboxing class, have a margarita.”

I kid you not. That’s actually the message that the demented moron in the White House is having his lackey say. You can watch that here:

Her full comment was “So my advice to everyone out there who’s frustrated, sad, angry, pissed off – feel these emotions, go to a kickboxing class, have a margarita, do whatever you need to do this weekend and then wake up on Monday morning, we’ve got to keep fighting.

Now, to be fair, she wasn’t talking to Republicans during that little monologue, which was given when she appeared on the view.. She obviously couldn’t care less about us unwashed deplorables and smelly Walmart shoppers. We, in her eyes, probably drink raccoon piss or something. Nor was her message meant for all the Americans that are stationed abroad and upset that Biden made fools of them by disgracefully fleeing Afghanistan. Nor was it meant for the brave Border Patrol officers that stay in the hot sun every day to try to keep the border secure while Team Brandon practically welcomes migrants into the union.

No, her “fight on” message was sent to all those Democrats who are furious that the Democrats’ “voting rights” bills weren’t passed this week because Manchin and Sinema bravely stood up to Team Brandon and refused to buck decades of precedent and nuke the filibuster. Speaking on their refusal to do so and digging herself into a deeper hole, Psaki said:

“But this is very frustrating, it’s infuriating that some people in the Senate, including the entire Republican caucus, won’t support people’s fundamental rights. It’s also frustrating that when you talk about voter protections, which is something that everybody should have the right to, that some people are putting process ahead of that fundamental protection.”

Sure, Jen, I’m sure it’s very frustrating that two senators supposedly on your team wouldn’t go along with your plans to eradicate whatever precedents and bounds of decency are left. We can all clutch our pearls and drink a margarita while watching Brandon kickbox.

Oh, and in the meantime, we can look at some of the replies to the clip of your video that Benny posted. They’re almost as funny as the idea that we should all start taking a kickboxing class and drinking more.

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This one, for example, was my favorite:

But this one was also pretty good:

This one was pretty funny too, even if you (like me) can’t stand horror movies:

And this one really got to the root of the issue, best hitting on who it is that these crazy Democrats emulate best:

And, finally, this one was laugh out loud funny:

Jen Psaki is a disaster. Thank goodness she’s leaving soon.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.