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James Woods Took “Politics” Out of It, And Shared The Raw Truth About The “Truckers”

If you’re looking for some top-tier content and unrepentant truth-telling, then following James Woods on Twitter is a must. His comments are witty, entertaining, and always on point.

Further, while many big names are far left or only occasionally grounded enough to make points that are both accurate and not completely out of touch, Woods has that common American feel to his posts that makes you not only trust him and believe him, but actually hear what he has to say.

He proved that yet again on Saturday, sharing a tweet that’s the real, unvarnished truth about the truckers:

Politics aside, the simple truth is this: if a nation of truckers were to strike for just two weeks, it would be a stunning catastrophe. Most people have no idea how essential these hard-working people are to our survival.

Woods is right. Our grocery stores are only stocked because truckers hop in the cabs of their massive trucks and brave the roads every day to deliver food. Goods only reach stores, homes, warehouses, and factories because truckers do their jobs. Without them, our economy would be a mere shell of its current self and many, many people would go hungry.

In fact, if only 3.7% of truckers were to quit, the result would be an utter catastrophe, as noted during a House Transportation Committee meeting in November by the CEO of the Trucking Association.

That’s why it matters that truckers are starting to protest; without them, modern nations can’t run. We need insanely large amounts of material in our consumerist, “just in time” delivery economies, so a holdup of even a few days could be a major, major problem. That means that their protests have teeth; if they get overly pissed at the mandates and quit, they could bring the country down with them.

Luckily, while most politicians don’t grasp that and thus aren’t listening to the protesting truckers, many common Americans do. Here is a collection of some of the best responses to Woods’s tweet that Wayne Dupree collected:

“Its going to happen. The govts around the world do not want us citizens to know that we do hold the power. Justin Trudeau will resign. And Mandates for the border will be dropped for all citizens. We just found out we have 4 aces up our sleeves.”

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“85% of everything in the country moves by truck. Socialist tyrants have no idea the hornets nest they are kicking.”

At the highest levels, they know this. Why do you think they want self-driving delivery vehicles and drones? #WarOfTheElites

“Hunker down folks, this needs to happen. Let it unravel, it’s the only way to implement our patriot reset” 

“Nearly 100% of all goods consumed, food, water, clothes, paper, parts, etc., make their way to the consumer via truckers. Even if it’s made in the USA, it has to be delivered to the distribution center. Period. You’ll figure it out when you’re shelves are empty.”

“People REALLY dont realize what would happen if they went on strike. We would be F**KED.”

“They will literally stop the world from moving” 

“Amen—-they think shelves are bare now, just wait and see!!!!!”

“I hope they do it…America needs a f**king wake up call!!!”

Those comments are all correct; truckers hold major leverage and, should they choose to take a stand, their quitting or refusal to work for a few days would have a major impact.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.