October 29, 2020

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james monroe on self defense

A Great Quote by James Monroe on Self Defense

The Quote by James Monroe on Self Defense

“The right of self defense never ceases. It is among the most sacred, and alike necessary to nations and individuals.” -James Monroe on Self Defense

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My Take

I think that there is no better quote for Americans to hear right now than this quote by James Monroe on self defense. All around the nation, we are witnessing attack after attack perpetrated on law-abiding members of society while the police sit back and do nothing to protect innocent small businesses and small business owners.

That breakdown in law and order means only one thing; it’s time for Americans to start taking Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper’s quote on self defense being the only solution to violent crime seriously. We Americans, especially the young conservatives and college conservatives that are the subjects of so many brutally violent Antifa attacks, need to arm up so that we can defend ourselves.

james monroe on self defense- own a weapon

I’m not calling for open violence or for people to be paranoid and see threats at every corner. That would be absurd and irresponsible. All I’m saying is that Americans need to prepare to defend themselves from not only tyrants, but also from the looters that are ravaging our nation.

So, Americans need to keep this great quote by James Monroe on self defense seriously and in mind. Our right to keep and bear arms is not some made-up ability granted by the government only temporarily.

No, as said in this quote by James Monroe on self defense, it is a sacred right that never ceases. It is what makes the Western world and Western civilization unique. Here, because we can defend what’s ours and, more importantly, defend ourselves and our loved ones, property rights, and individual rights matter. No one can just steal your things; you can defend them. Your rights, such as your right to free speech, can’t just be infringed upon because it becomes inconvenient to the government or the leftists that want to silence you.

The 2nd Amendment is important because it is what protects those rights. As said in this quote by James Monroe on self defense, it is a sacred right. And it is a sacred right because it is what allows us to go about our lives without worry that everything near and dear to us will suddenly be stripped away by a vengeful ruler or unruly mob of vagabonds and rioters.

Unfortunately, that idea, the bedrock of what makes America special, is under attack from both directions.

On one hand, the left wants to strip away our firearm rights because they don’t see the value in being able to protect what’s yours; they’d rather have you dependent on the state for protection.

Simultaneously, the rioters and leftist intellectuals that make up part of that party’s voting base are attacking individual rights and property rights. Looters steal your things while the leftist professors that control college campuses are trying to restrict rights, such as free speech.

Don’t let that happen any longer. Americans are already buying more guns than ever. Let’s keep that trend going!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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