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Yikes: Jake Tapper Silent Despite Investiagation into His Pedo Former Producer

Jake Tapper’s producer recently appeared in court over allegations that he engaged in “sex crimes involving children.”

That producer’s sick proclivities was outed by Project Veritas, which released audio and text evidence of him fantasizing about having sex with the underage daughter of his fiancee.

Despite the horrific nature of his alleged crimes and the media uproar those crimes have raised, Jake Tapper has remained silent; the CNN star whose producer is apparently a pedo has released no formal statement about the situation.

While that’s concerning, it’s apparently not out of the ordinary for those involved in this salacious, horrific story. As Project Veritas reports:

CNN Producer, Rick Saleeby, appeared in Fairfax County, Virginia court today, answering to a Protective Order placed against him by his former fiancé. The judge extended the Protective Order to two years.

Saleeby is currently under investigation for possible sex crimes involving children, thanks to a Project Veritas story published on December 15.

When questioned by a Project Veritas reporter outside the courthouse, Saleeby offered no comment, raced to get in his car, and sped away. His attorney, Patrick O’Brien, with Dischley Law, also offered no comment.

Similarly, CNN has said nothing other than that he “resigned weeks ago.”

Apparently, such depraved conduct as Saleeby’s isn’t important enough to Tapper to draw a statement out of him.

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By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Trending Politics