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“They Don’t Like American Flags”: “Terminal List” Author Skewers Leftist Critics of His Patriotic Show [WATCH]

Why is it that leftists hate Amazon Prime’s new hit show, “The Terminal List,” a show based on a novel by the same name by former Navy SEAL Jack Carr?

Well, as Carr sees it, they hate the patriotic, somewhat anti-finance and anti-government storyline of the book and show not because it’s boring or otherwise unentertaining, but because it’s patriotic. They hate it and all it represents because they hate the nation and flag.

Watch that here:

As you can hear in the video, Carr, speaking to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, said:

It seems to have triggered quite a few of these critics.

“Daily Beast titled their review ‘The Terminal List is an unhinged Right-wing revenge fantasy,’ which is odd because right, left, conservative, liberal are not even mentioned in the show. But I think it may be because the protagonist is competent with weapons and tactics. He’s strong. He holds those in power accountable, and that could be unsettling for some. Particularly some, maybe senior members of the military who have failed upwards over the last 20 years.

Indeed. The leftist critics stand against such shows as Carr’s because of the patriotism that is inherent in them and the idea that there’s more to America and being an American than just making money as a financier or paying taxes so that a pregnant trans woman of color can buy Doritos with his welfare stamps.

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Real America is patriotic, real Americans sacrifice for their nation, real men can fight and are barely restrained savages, as Chris Pratt’s character in the show is.

And the left hates those reminders, hates the idea that we remember what real America is and that the nation and ideas they push aren’t that, and so they hate the show.

In any case, it wasn’t just Tucker that Carr talked to. He talked to Dana Loesch as well, noting during that interview that had the show included all the leftist nonsense that its critics insist it needed, it would have gotten a score of approximately “zero” on Rotten Tomatoes, as that’s not what people want to watch. Watch him discuss that here:

The Terminal List is one of the few non-woke shows to come out in recent years; if you have the time and can stomach watching something on Amazon, it’s well worth the watch, as it’s highly patriotic, entertaining, and a good reminder of what Real America is.

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