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“It’s time to open up Sweden”: Sweden Ditches Lockdown, Cancels Vax Pass

Another European country is moving back toward freedom and away from medical tyranny. That country is Sweden, and it just returned to its original pandemic instincts by ending its Covid regime, particularly the vax passes that are so hated around the world.

News on that comes from a report by Sveriges Television. According to that report, the lockdown measures that limited the number of people that could attend certain events and use of the vaccine passes will end on February 9th. Medical Xpress, noting what changes will happen in more detail, reports that:

Among the measures and recommendations that will be lifted, Sweden will allow people to return to restaurants with no limitation on how many people can be there, how much space there should be or opening hours. Requirements for vaccine certificates and wearing face masks on public transportation will also be removed, as well as the recommendation to limit social contacts.

The Swedish Prime Minister herself announced the end of the restrictions, saying “it’s time to open up Sweden.

However, the government wasn’t willing to go all the way and just forget about things. As Politico reports, “While it is dropping coronavirus-related restrictions, the Swedish government said it was keeping some of its recommendations in place. Unvaccinated Swedes should still avoid crowded places and anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 should stay at home, the government said.” Further, the PM said “The pandemic isn’t over, but it is moving into a new phase.”

Still, it’s a good start and should help Sweden recover from the pandemic, as a loosening of restrictions will allow commerce to start thriving again.

Sweden is following other European states in ending its restrictions. As I reported about a week ago, four other European countries  (Ireland, the UK, the Czech Republic, and Denmark) were canceling their Covid nonsense, viewing the pandemic as largely over, or at least no longer worth dealing with to the extent of enforcing government mandates.

In Canada, though restrictions are still in place, the truckers are fighting back in such a ferocious manner that restrictions could be soon letting up; depending on if the government chooses to fight the mass that has descended on Ottawa or just go with the will of the people, Canada could soon be following the lead of the UK.

But while our European friends and their former colony to our north fight for their liberty against the Covid mandates and win, we in America are still suffering under the yoke of whatever “Dr.” Fauci and his gang of incalculably stupid petty tyrants.

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So, while it’s great that the Swedes are finally getting back to their normal lives, we should only cheer long enough to revive our spirits before going back to fighting for our rights and trying to beat the Covid tyrants to win our liberties back. If the socialist Europeans can somehow manage to do it despite their reliance on government and general softness, so can we!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.