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Meme: It’S cApItAlIsM’s FaUlT

Leftists, as Thomas Sowell identified in his famous quote on making decisions and being responsible for them, hate the concept of responsibility. They don’t like having to take care of themselves, don’t like the idea of other people having the take care of themselves, and, most of all, don’t want to be responsible for whatever poor life decisions they make. Hence why they make bad decisions and then claim that “it’s capitalism’s fault.”

Rather than a system like the one we (theoretically) have currently, where you can generally do what you want but must deal with the consequences of poor life decisions, they’d prefer a system where anything is allowed and the government will care for you no matter what you do.

Want to do drugs? They’re fine with that; in fact, they’ll spend thousands on reviving you if you overdose and will spend even more on keeping you fed, clothed, and sheltered when your drug addiction spirals out of control.

Want to have irresponsible sex? They’re more than fine with that; they’ll use government funds to pay for the abortion or the kid, will use welfare funds to keep you from having to work, and will structure the welfare program to keep the man out of the house, thus destroying the family.

Want to be a lazy bum and avoid working? Great! They’ll fight for that too, spending the tax dollars of your hard-working betters on never-ending unemployment programs, food “assistance” programs, and housing programs.

They want you to be taken care of, from birth to death, by Big Brother. And, whenever their absurdly large welfare system fails, they’ll blame it on capitalism.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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