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“IT’S BROKEN ME”: Far-Left Twitter Employee has Insane, Elon-Induced Meltdown

Elon bought Twitter, and the leftists are completely melting down.

In fact, they were even melting down when Elon announced his first 9% stake in the company, with leftist employees totally losing it over the idea that Elon might be their boss.

One such left-wing Twitter employee was Twitter engineering manager Jay Holler, who Trending Politics reports  “had an ugly public meltdown upon learning the news that free speech proponent Elon Musk was appointed to the Big Tech giant’s board.

He, tweeting out his reaction, posted “OK I’m radicalized now” (as if he wasn’t already to the far, far, far left) and then proceeded to absolutely lose it in a series of tweets that exposed just how devoid of grey matter or reasonableness his skull is:

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Hilarious stuff. If you want a journey into the mind of a deranged leftist, there you go. Elon’s bad because he has opinions that aren’t on the bleeding edge of what the left thinks.

What’s best of all is that the meltdown took place before Elon’s purchase was successful. Now it’s in the final stage, with the two sides having come to a deal.

If leftie tears were shed over a 9% stake, imagine what’s happening now!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.