January 17, 2021

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is trump succeeding as president

Is Trump Succeeding as President? In 2020, as in 2019, Absolutely Yes!


This week’s “interesting article” is a bit different than the past few have been. I usually try to choose up to date article to summarize and analyze, but in this case, I saw an old article from my bookmarks and just had to write about it. Written by Conrad Black of Canada’s National Post in 2017, the article is titled “Trump is already the most successful president since Ronald Reagan.” Unsurprisingly, it does an excellent job of answering the question “is Trump succeeding as President?”

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These days, Trump is under assault from every quarter. The Mueller Investigation and its aftermath still linger around the administration, despite Mueller’s exoneration of Trump. The Democrats are using impeachment to hide the failings of their absolutely awful candidates. Various deep state officials keep trying to derail Trump’s agenda, especially his plans to get us out of an interventionist mindset and geopolitical strategy.

So, because of all those attacks, it can be hard to remember all of Trump’s accomplishments as President. There are tons of them because he has been quite productive since entering office.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I even forgot about a few because of all the recent crises. Luckily, I found this article by Black. It should serve as a refreshing reminder that the answer to the “is Trump succeeding as President” question should be a resounding “yes!”

Of course, the fake news does not want you to know that. But you need to learn it nonetheless, and this article gives great examples of how successful President Trump has been!

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Trump’s Many Successes

Trump’s Domestic Achievements

Black begins the article with a powerful introduction in which he names many of the Trump administration’s early accomplishments:

He has more than doubled the economic growth rate, reduced illegal immigration by about 80 per cent, withdrawn from the insane Paris Climate accord, helped add trillions to U.S. stock market values, created nearly two million new jobs (now more, far more), led the rout of ISIL, and gained full Chinese adherence to the unacceptability of North Korean nuclear military capability. He will probably pass the greatest tax cuts and reforms since Reagan (that happened with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act).

From: Is Trump Succeeding as President

Black then contrasts the Trump Presidency, a resounding success, with the Bush and Obama Administrations, both resounding failures on many levels:

In the 20 pre-Trump years, over $5 trillion and scores of thousands of American casualties were squandered in Middle East wars (while most Iraqis were handed over to Iranian influence), an immense humanitarian refugee tragedy was provoked, along with the greatest world economic crisis since the 1930s, American GDP per capita growth and capital investment shrunk by 75 per cent, the work force lost over 15 million people, millions of unskilled, illegal migrants were admitted, and the national debt of 233 years of American independence more than doubled in the last seven years of Obama. Those 20 years were the only time of absolute decline in American history, as well as a period of prolonged economic stagnation.

From: Is Trump Succeeding as President

Trump Compared to Foreign Leaders

Black then dives into explaining how much more successful Trump has been than practically any foreign leader:

The German Social Democrats have half-disintegrated, the British Labour Party has been taken over by outright Marxists, France has practically obliterated its traditional parties except for the residue of the Gaullists, and in elections where only 30 per cent of eligible voters voted, the French handed the legislature to a party that was only invented, out of whole cloth, 15 months ago. The Austrian and Czech electorates have divided their support among a variety of parties and elevated, as France has, men in their thirties, who could be young nephews of Justin Trudeau.

From: Is Trump Succeeding as President

Trump’s Succeeds Despite Everyone Scheming Against Him:

Next, Black tackles a problem that has only risen in importance and media attention since he wrote his article: the constant effort by many to depose Trump, a democratically elected leader:

The Clinton campaign commissioned, through intermediaries, a dossier of salacious gossip and outright fabrications about Trump, from unidentified, unverifiable Kremlin sources, desperately shopped it to the U.S. media (remember the “Golden Shower” of Trump-synchronized urinating prostitutes in a Moscow hotel?), and managed to hand off the dossier to the FBI, politicizing that organization….

Mueller has thrashed around with the Trump-collusion nonsense, which Obama launched a year ago, and which has not produced a shred of probative evidence of collusion.

It has emerged that this false dossier commissioned by the Clinton campaign is the only evidence there is of Trump-Kremlin collusion… It is a stupendous farce.

From: Is Trump Succeeding as President

Yet, despite all that awfulness, Trump has succeeded. And thank God he has. Without him and his administration, America would be in dire straights right now. Because he is in office, America has weathered riots, a coup attempt, and a pandemic and still has a vibrant economy and thriving stock market.

My Take on “Is Trump Succeeding as President?”

So, what do I think? Is Trump succeeding as President? Absolutely yes.

Sure, he has had a few slip-ups. His support for red flag laws, restrictions on e-cigs, and penchant for profligate spending that leads to deficits are all concerning. But, frankly, those mistakes pale in comparison to all he has achieved. Especially since the war on Juul has mostly stopped and it’s obvious that Trump understands at least some of the importance of the 2nd Amendment. Joe Biden, who will take your guns, does not.

The media likes to pretend that Trump is either a stooge of Russia or a buffoon. In reality, Trump has a quite high intelligence. Also, it’s not him but Joe Biden that has corrupt ties to foreign governments.

Furthermore, the Mueller Investigation turned into a big nothing-burger, especially after it came out that Comey and the Justice Department were deceiving Congress and the American people. And while impeachment is happening, it’s obviously just a cover for the horrible Democrat candidates.

So yes, Trump has been quite successful. For those reasons, and many others, it is certainly fair to answer “is Trump succeeding as president?” with “yes.”


Despite this article being published in 2017, I think it still holds true. Trump has achieved lots and America is better off for it. We patriots need to try to remember that. It’s important. Now, let’s get Trump reelected so that we have four more years of accomplishments! Wouldn’t that just be great? I certainly think so.

As we approach election season, it is important for Republicans to ask themselves “is Trump succeeding as president?” This election, which I hope will end in a landslide loss for Joe Biden, is going to be a bitter one. The battles will be seemingly unending, very difficult, and very contentious. So, you will need backbone and belief in what you are saying to fight it. All conservatives will.

In my opinion, the best way to develop that backbone is to know that the answer to “is Trump succeeding as president?” is “Yes!” Know that Trump is doing a great job. Before Covid hit, the economy was thriving, businesses were growing, we were (and still are) staying out of foreign interventions, and conservatives finally started gaining ground in the culture war. Plus, there were the Trump tax cuts and many judicial nominations. In short, it was very obvious that the answer was “yes” to “is Trump succeeding as president?”

Now, that answer to “is Trump succeeding as president?” might be slightly less obvious because of the damage wrought by Covid and the fact that he has to battle on so many fronts. But, really, it is still the same. Trump is doing a great job.

So, if a leftist or scared Republican asks you “is Trump succeeding as president?”, know that the answer is still “yes.” Despite everything thrown at him, President Trump is still doing a great job. He is fighting hard for Americans and his next term will be even better than his first. That is a fact. The answer to “is Trump succeeding as president?” is still, and always will be, “Yes!”

By: Gen Z Conservative

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