January 17, 2021

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is the interventionist era over

Is the Interventionist Era Over?


This week’s “Interesting Article” is about a crucial question for America. What is that question? It’s “Is the Interventionist Era Over?”.

In an excellent article on RealClearPolitics (one of my favorite political news sites), author Patrick Buchanan attempts to definitively answer the “Is the Interventionist Era Over?” question through the lens of Trump’s withdrawal of American troops from Syria.

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Buchanan’s view is that that move was a long time coming. Americans are tired of fighting in The Great War for Civilization to try and establish democracy in the Middle East. Those forever wars have not helped out America and have only decreased our potential power, especially when viewed in the context of Russia’s rising military spending and our new Cold War with China.

But that’s all the summary I have. I’d rather you answer for yourself the “is the interventionist era over?” question. It’s a crucial question for America and the world. We’ve been heavily involved internationally since the events described in The Two Ocean War and Bridge of Spies. Perhaps now American troops will finally be coming home. In any case, hopefully, the below article outtakes will help you make up your mind on if American interventionism is finally ending.

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Why Buchanan’s Answer to “Is the Interventionist Era Over?” Is “Yes!”:

First, what happened with American troops in Syria, the Syrian armed forces, Turkish armed forces, and the Kurds and why those events happened:

A thousand U.S. troops and their Kurdish allies were not going to dominate indefinitely the entire northeast quadrant of a country the size of Syria against the will of the Damascus regime and army.

Had the U.S. refused to vacate Syrian lands on Turkey’s demand, a fight would be inevitable, whether with Turkey, Damascus or both. And this nation would neither support nor sustain a new war with Turks or Syrians.

From: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2019/10/15/is_the_interventionists_era_over_for_good_141495.html

Next, Buchanan provides a framework for viewing the Turkish intervention in historical perspective and in recognition of Turkish interests in the region ( which is something many modern Americans lack):

Erdogan’s concern over the Syrian Kurdish combat veterans on his border should be understood by us. When Pancho Villa launched his murderous 1916 raid into Columbus, New Mexico, we sent General “Black Jack” Pershing with an army deep into Mexico to run him down.

From: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2019/10/15/is_the_interventionists_era_over_for_good_141495.html

Finally, Buchanan discusses how President Trump is living up to his talk about non-interventionism and using his actions to demonstrate the answer to “is the interventionist era over?” for Americans:

Today, the Middle East and world have been awakened to the reality that when Trump said he was ending everlasting commitments and bringing U.S. troops home from “endless wars,” he was not bluffing.

From: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2019/10/15/is_the_interventionists_era_over_for_good_141495.html

My Thoughts on “Is the Interventionist Era Over?”

Perhaps American leaders are finally ready to again take Washington’s advice and avoid foreign entanglements. Wouldn’t that be just terrific?

For too long, Americans have let elites in Washington dictate where their sons will go to die. There’s no vote on war anymore; that ended with World War II. Public opinion rarely matters at all as politicians on the right and left see the sons of the heartland as cannon fodder for their wars of intervention in the third world.

Trump, however, is different. Unlike past administrations, his administration has done everything possible to limit the chance of a new war in the Middle East. He has done whatever he can to make sure Americans stay safe, but also to ensure that our troops don’t go do fight and die unnecessarily. That’s far different from any administration since Eisenhower’s, which preceded The Best and the Brightest and their disastrous war in Vietnam.

You see, Trump actually wants the answer to “is the interventionist era over?” to be yes. That is one reason why Americans are so much better off under Trump– unlike with past presidents, Republican and Democrat alike, he is bringing our troops home.


So, is the interventionist era over? Perhaps, with the Trump administration, it finally is. Whatever else, at least we have Trump in charge. He wants to keep our citizens safe and our soldiers alive.

And that is something that more Americans need to praise him for. Past presidents did not care about the lives of those soldiers. Obama didn’t give them the resources they needed to win, so many needlessly died. George W. Bush didn’t need to send troops to Iraq, but he did anyway and many of them died or were horribly injured.

That is wrong. Our troops should not needlessly die. President Trump understands that. That is why he is bringing our troops home from the Middle East and, in so doing, ending the interventionist era for America.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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