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Is the FBI Corrupt? In 21st Century America, Absolutely Yes


Is the FBI corrupt? That’s a question that every American should be asking in the aftermath of the ill-fated coup against President Trump, yet few are.

Perhaps that’s because many of us are unwilling to confront the truth and don’t want to make waves. Or maybe it’s because of our belief in objective and just law-enforcement. We’re not some failed state full of dirty cops like Mexico, so surely the FBI, our most prestigious law enforcement agency, isn’t corrupt, right? Wrong.

In an outstanding recent National Review piece entitled “The FBI’s Dirty Cops,” Kevin D. Williamson breaks down how the FBI acted corruptly by spying on the Trump Campaign and falsifying evidence and why that behavior is problematic. He shows why the FBI’s corrupt behavior is dangerous for America and is eroding the faith of Americans in their government and its institutions.

Read Williamson’s article on “is the FBI corrupt” here:

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Summary of “The FBI’s Dirty Cops” and “Is the FBI Corrupt?”

First, before answering “is the FBI corrupt,” Williamson begins with a provocative statement about Horowitz’s conclusions into the FBI’s abuse of Trump and his campaign staffers. It provides excellent background about the FBI’s corrupt behavior and attacks on America’s basic liberties:

“Michael Horowitz has testified that he found no evidence of political bias on the part of the decision-makers who, under the Obama administration, relied on hilariously implausible “evidence” and falsified evidence of their own in order to launch a federal investigation of the Trump campaign. Rather than political bias, Horowitz says, the investigation uncovered a series of “basic and fundamental” errors.”

From: Is the FBI Corrupt?

Then, Williamson breaks down that not only is that conclusion patently absurd, it also flies in the face of all available evidence about improper conduct from agencies during the disastrous Obama Administration. That administration acted illegally and used its G-men goons at the FBI to attack and silence its political enemies, especially once it realized that President Trump was likely to beat Hillary Clinton. The Obama Administration used every tool at its disposal, every possible agency, to attack and shut down its political opponent.

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After discussing what other Obama-era agencies did, Williamson finally gets into the weeds of why the FBI was acting corruptly and improperly by spying on the Trump campaign. He describes how the FBI acted not just incompetently and egregiously, but also corruptly to help out a specific political party. Based on this, if Republicans think that the government and its institutions are out to get them and silence them, they are right. Even the FBI is corrupt and is willing to do whatever it takes to try to keep Republicans out of power.

Finally, Williamson breaks down why the FBI’s corrupt behavior is so dangerous for America; it shows that our institutions are biased in support of the Democratic Party and are using their power in a corrupt and biased manner to attack Republicans.

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My Analysis of “Is the FBI Corrupt”

So, after reading all that, what do you think? Is the FBI corrupt? I certainly think so and wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole.

Reading about the investigation into the Trump campaign and the resulting hysterics surrounding Comey, Mueller, and Horowitz is absolutely sickening. The left is so focused on its ridiculous effort to unseat Trump that they’re willing to try anything.

Peter Strozk and his lover, Lisa Page, lied and interfered to place Trump on the FBI’s hit list. James Comey misled Congress and in the process showed that he and the Justice Department were a corrupt group of political hacks. And, because of their shameless lying and assault on Trump, Mueller launched a years-long investigation into Trump that found absolutely no incriminating evidence! Then, to top it all off Horowitz, who was supposed to expose the mess and at least start the process of fixing it, declined to draw the obvious conclusion so that he wouldn’t offend the crooked cops at the FBI. The whole situation is unreal yet horrifying.

Now, of course, the Democrats that usually hate law enforcement are going on and on about the supposed “honor of the FBI” and how there’s no way anyone there could be corrupt or politically motivated. Again, that’s absurd. They just want a shred of justification for their impeachment of Trump, which they are using to hide that he has been an outstanding president so far and is basically unremarked upon in normal America.

Most importantly, as Williamson noted, an answer of yes to “is the FBI corrupt” is really, really bad for America. Those corrupt LEOs are bringing the whole edifice of political trust and stability crumbling down with them. That will prove to have awful consequences for America.

The Roman Republic collapsed and turned into an Empire led by tyrants once Roman citizens saw that their representatives and the agents of those representatives were acting corruptly. Do we have any reason to believe that America will not fall victim to that also? We are a republic. Our government is corrupt, as shown by the fact that most Republicans, at least, would answer “is the FBI corrupt?” with an emphatic “Yes!”

I am not trying to be an alarmist. I know that, despite the fact that the FBI is corrupt, America is still the greatest nation on Earth and is, generally, a bastion of freedom. Furthermore, as Mark Twain said, “history does not repeat itself.”

But, the second half of that quote is that “but it often rhymes.” America is a great nation. But we should be wary about what destroyed the past republics that America was modeled after. And corruption, no matter what society it takes place in, is certainly a problem and must be combated at every opportunity.

Republicans in Congress need to shake off the cobwebs of judicial action and wake up to that fact. Then, they need to start going after the corrupt apparatchiks at the FBI and other agencies that persecute conservatives. America will struggle to survive, much less thrive, if it is continually under attack and falls apart because of corruption.

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Conclusion: Is the FBI corrupt? Yes.

We have handed immense powers to the government over the year, pretending like we don’t know that government is like a wolf. Now, with individual liberty dead and its right to spy unconstrained, it has come back to bite us. We all know that groups like the media and leftist professors are biased, that’s obvious from reading books like Politics is a Joke and Righteous Indignation. But, it’s unprecedented that a group like the FBI is so corrupt.

So, should we really be surprised that the answer to “is the FBI corrupt?” is “yes?” I think that should be obvious at this point, but it still is horrifying. America is not a corrupt third world nation. Up until the Obama Administration, it never appeared to be one. But, once he left and Trump entered office, all that corruption of the Deep State was exposed. Now, Americans can see that their government and its institutions are corrupt. If that is not fixed soon, then it will present major problems for America; good citizens will not long suffer idly under the yoke of corruption and oppression.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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