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Is the Entire DOJ Corrupt?


Yesterday, I read an interesting article on American Thinker about the experience a journalist had with the Obama-era DOJ that fully answers the “is the entire DOJ corrupt” question. Because that issue, now that the extent of the government’s depravity and anti-Americanism has become so evident, is now at the forefront of every right-thinking American’s mind, I thought it would be an important one to write about; conservative need to learn the truth so that they can answer “is the entire DOJ corrupt?” with “Yes! Obviously!”

The article, written by Sharyl Attkisson, the targeted journalist, is a wake-up call for all of us that are worried about corruption and individual liberty in America. Attkisson describes how she was targeted by Obama’s DOJ, never was apologized to, never even received an official statement saying their surveillance of her was over or why it began and hasn’t received anything from the Trump DOJ to correct the Obama Administration’s mistakes. In my view, that points to a very obvious question- is the entire DOJ corrupt?

The Article about DOJ Corruption

First, Attkisson describes what happened and how she knew DOJ goons were spying on her. Not only were they acting unconstitutionally and investigating a private citizen with no due cause, but also the Democratic Party apparatchiks at the DOJ had implanted spyware on her computer.

Next, Attkisson addresses how the DOJ has responded to that exposition of its targeting of journalists and corruption. The government had not just spied on her in an illegal manner, probably to stifle her freedom of speech and thought. It has also covered up its wrongdoing and has done everything possible to hide the truth so that Americans won’t be wondering “is the DOJ corrupt?”

Attkisson then addresses those concerns in the context of larger and even more egregious DOJ misdeeds, especially those related to its spying on Trump in a section that is too long for me to reprint here, but is one that you should certainly read if you want to learn more about “is the entire DOJ corrupt?”

Finally, Attkisson describes how DOJ abuses such as those are eroding the public’s faith in American institutions. Americans will not sit idly by and watch as their country crumbles, not because of outside attack but because of the decline in public morality and the resulting increase in institutional corruption. She shows that the definitive answer to “is the entire DOJ corrupt?” is “Yes!”:

“I once read about an ancient form of government whose premise was that an orderly society was only possible if its citizens had confidence that the law would be applied equally to the poorest and richest among them. Things would devolve into chaos if the citizenry came to believe people were held to different standards or escaped accountability depending on their power or status. Considering the course of my case, it is hard to look at our system today and not wonder if we are reaching that point.

A few years ago, several members of Congress who were concerned about intelligence community abuses told me they had been convinced not to call for wholesale reforms and heads-on-a-platter by the argument that it would “undermine the public’s faith in our institutions.” I think there is a strong argument to be made that the public is losing faith in our institutions because it sees double standards and absence of accountability.”

From: DOJ Spying and Corruption

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My Take on “Is the Entire DOJ Corrupt?”

After reading those experts from Attkisson’s terrific article, what do you think? Is the entire DOJ corrupt? In my opinion, every reader of that article should respond with an emphatic yes.

Let’s go over what the FBI and DOJ have done. They spied on journalists that were critical of Obama and have never apologized for that. That’s unamerican, undermines the idea of free speech and the 1st Amendment, and is completely unacceptable. We as a free people should never have to deal with questions such as “is the entire DOJ corrupt?”

Also, it shows that there was no strong or just leadership at the DOJ and FBI under the Obama Administration and somehow still isn’t today. A strong, non-partisan head would have ensured that such abuses could not take place. Sadly, that was not the case and political meddling took precedence to justice.

Our law enforcement should not be behaving like the NKVD that Max Hastings describes in Inferno. Journalists have a right to be critical of politicians and spying on them is completely unacceptable. It’s reminiscent of authoritarian regimes whose tactics should have been consigned to the dustbin of history. Instead, they were being used by our highest government officials.

That evidence would be enough on its own to make one think that the answer to “is the entire DOJ corrupt?” is certainly “yes.” But, it turns out, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So, what else happened?

Well, the FBI is corrupt and was behaving in a ridiculously partisan manner towards Trump. Comey and other DOJ officials lied to Congress, the American people, and Trump. Government officials used law enforcement assets to spy on American citizens and harass dissenters in an attempt to mollify those decrying their actions. And, worst of all, no one there now has done anything to remedy the situation or apologize for how out of line the DOJ was.

Finally, I think the point Attkisson makes about our institutions is an important one. If we can’t trust our law enforcement and judicial systems, how are we supposed to have a civilized and law-abiding society? Why should your average citizen have to follow arbitrary laws about victim-less crimes if the government doesn’t even act within the bounds of the Constitution? Its principles are supposed to be deeply embedded in our republic and its administrators.

Unfortunately, the preponderance of evidence about FBI and DOJ corruption shows that few of those in the D.C. establishment care about American principles. Free speech, equality under the law, one’s right to privacy and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty don’t matter to them anymore. Instead, all they care about is power.

Concluding Thoughts: Is the Entire DOJ Corrupt?

Yes. From now on, if anyone asks me “is the entire DOJ corrupt?”, I will have to respond with a resounding “yes.” There are simply no counterpoints that could allay my fears and convince me otherwise. The corruption of Strozk, Wray, Comey, Holder, and others hasn’t been swept out of the DOJ. Had it been, then Ms. Attkisson would have received an apology and her lawsuit would have ended.

But, that’s not the case. In reality, she’s having to continue to fight the bureaucratic beast in order to find out what happened and why. That’s evidence of tyranny, not liberty, and shows that our government still doesn’t respect its citizens and why you should not trust the government. The Founding Fathers would be ashamed. They would be ashamed not just because the DOJ is acting so horribly that the answer of an average American to “is the entire DOJ corrupt?” is “Yes, absolutely,” they knew things like that would happen. Rather, they’d be sad that we’re putting up with it quietly and without a fight.

But, thanks to Trump and his war on the Deep State, Americans finally can stand up and fight to corrupt organizations like the DOJ.

By: Gen Z Conservative