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“Is She Punking Us?” Kamala Hilariously Mocked for Her Worst “Word Salad” Yet [WATCH]

Kamala isn’t known for her eloquence or rhetorical genius. Having been chosen purely based on her race and sex, her being an even semi-competent speaker must have been too much to ask.

In any case, despite being already known as someone who can’t answer a difficult question without cackling and who can’t make a speech that isn’t so cringey that it makes your skin crawl, Kamala’s newest attempt at being inspiring might be her worst effort yet.

That came when Kamala was attempting to say something about Jamaica that resulted in…this shockingly horrible attempt at a speech. You really have to watch it; the transcript, despite being pretty bad itself, doesn’t do justice to how terrible the speech is:

As you can hear, Kamala just spewed out the half-digested remnants of a word salad, saying:

We also recognize just as it has been in the United States, for Jamaica, one of the issues that has been presented as an issue that is economic in the way of its impact has been the pandemic.

So to that end, we are announcing today also that we will assist Jamaica in COVID recovery by assisting in terms of the recovery efforts in Jamaica that have been essential to, I believe, what is necessary to strengthen not only the issue of public health but also the economy.”

What? That’s just a nonsensical mishmash of words, not a even halfway competent attempt at public speaking, much less what one would expect from the Vice President of the United States. Well, maybe it’s expected from this Vice President. But it shouldn’t be so.

In any case, Kamala was widely mocked for the “word salad” speech, with conservatives around the internet deriding her for being so terrible. Fox News found some of the best responses, here they are:

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Ok seriously, is she punking us?” asked Abigail Marone, press secretary of Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., “Like it has to be a joke at this point.”

“This is the definition of ‘word salad.’ It’s practically word goulash,” David Martosko of Daily Mail TV quipped.

“She reminds one of the student[s] in college who never did the reading, but insisted on talking a lot about it in class anyway, and always thought he/she was brilliantly fooling everyone. But nobody was fooled,” radio host Buck Sexton wrote. 

“It is truly hard to believe what a babbling fool @vp is,” actor Nick Searcy tweeted. 

“I’m telling you, she speaks in predictive text,” Substack writer Jim Treacher claimed.

“She is truly one of the great orators of our time,” The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh declared

There were a few other hilarious responses to the RNC tweet with her sad attempt at speaking too.

One response, for example, saidOh Boy. While the effort to assist is essential, our effort in assisting will be of the most essential!

Another mocking response saidDamn! Poor Jamaica! After this speech, administration released a caveat that assistance will only be provided if they understood and can explain back what the Vice President said!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.