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The Terrific “Is Life so Dear?” Atlas Shrugged Trailer

The “Is Life so Dear Atlas Shrugged Trailer:

My Take on this Atlas Shrugged Trailer:

This Atlas Shrugged Trailer is awesome! It’s a combination of two of my favorite things, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, and Patrick Henry’s “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death!” speech, which I think was his best speech. And I think that combination is incredibly powerful because the two topics work so well together.

At it’s root, Atlas Shrugged is a book about liberty, as I discussed in my review of Atlas Shrugged. Similarly, the Patrick Henry quote on liberty in the video shows just how dear the concept of liberty is to true Americans.

Early Americans valued liberty over most anything else. In my timeline of the American Revolution I showed how early patriots only began to revolt and fight once their liberty was restricted. Yes, taxes were important in fanning the flames of revolution, as is discussed in the book The Coming of the Revolution.

But, the violence didn’t really start until the British restricted liberty. So, being true patriots, our Founding Fathers revolted and threw off the shackles of the British Empire. They didn’t worry about the immense costs and dangers involved because they knew their cause was just. They knew that liberty is always worth fighting and dying for.

Modern Americans, however, are not as insightful. We are creatures of comfort that don’t understand why the tension between safety and liberty is so crucial to a free society. Instead, most modern Americans value only comfort and wealth. So, they are willing to have their liberties restricted to gain just a little bit of safety. That is unacceptable and unamerican. We need to regain our liberty and throw off the shackles of an overly burdensome bureaucracy.

Remember how important liberty is! Do what this Atlas Shrugged trailer suggests and get ready to fight once your liberties are restricted.

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