October 20, 2020

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is Joe Biden corrupt?

Is Joe Biden Corrupt? Absolutely Yes


This week’s interesting conservative article on “is Joe Biden corrupt?” comes from the Federalist, like last week’s article on why Mexico is a failed state.

While the fact that the two articles both come from the Federalist is just a coincidence, I think it does point to the fact that the Federalist is a great news source and is definitely worth keeping up with. In any case, this week’s article is about a central question to the 2020 Democrat primary: is Joe Biden corrupt?

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The Democratic candidates are a sorry group that unequivocally show’s their party’s decline from the days of JFK. Elizabeth Warren is a serial liar that refuses to apologize for her past lies. Beto O’Rourke is a criminal that wants to go directly against the Constitution and confiscate our guns. The truth about Bernie Sanders is that he and his agenda are fraudulent. Up until now, Biden seemed like the sole voice of something at least approaching reason. But now we are struggling with the question “is Joe Biden corrupt.”

After reading today’s Federalist article about Joe Biden’s corruption, my mind is made up. I think he definitely is. But, as always, I encourage you to read the below quotations, and the article itself, and make up your own mind about whether your answer to “is Joe Biden corrupt?” is “yes” or “incredibly.” Because really, there is no other answer. Joe Biden is extremely corrupt and will sell out America if he seems any way to do so and benefit himself or his drug-addict son Hunter.

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The Article on Joe Biden’s Corruption

First, on his son Hunter’s shady business dealings and Joe’s connection to them. The case of Hunter and Joe Biden’s corruption was not just a small payoff or favor. Instead, it was a massive, world-spanning affair that involved American interests, a Ukrainian gas company, and hundreds of thousands of dollars sent to Hunter Biden. This case alone would show you that the answer to “is Joe Biden corrupt” is “yes.”:

While serving as senator of Delaware, Joe Biden reached out discreetly to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) to discuss matters his son Hunter Biden’s firm was then lobbying for, according to government records Goodman gathered…Whether it be getting the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son’s company fired or meeting one of his son’s business partners while on a diplomatic trip to China in 2013, Joe Biden’s political activities in relation to his son Hunter have continued to garner scrutiny.

From: Is Joe Biden corrupt?

Next, on an example of Biden’s corruption. Biden actually used his influence to shift US policy. He did not do so because he thought it was the right thing for America. That was obviously completely irrelevant to him. In reality, all he cared about was helping the companies that were sending absurd amounts of money to his degenerate son:

While Hunter was still at the firm, in late February 2007, then-Sen. Joe Biden reached out to DHS, expressing concern over the department’s proposed chemical security regulations…Biden’s call seems like an eerie coincidence. Two months prior to that phone call, the Industrial Safety Training Council had enlisted Hunter Biden’s firm to lobby DHS precisely on Section 550…While we don’t know the source of Joe Biden’s concern over Section 550 and whether his “concern” was the one ISTC shared, it is worth noting this repeated crossover between Hunter Biden’s business and his father’s political stratagems.

From: Is Joe Biden corrupt?

Finally, on whether Biden is corrupt or not, Davidson notes that Joe Biden’s actions are the very worst that could be expected of crony capitalism. Companies and trade groups both foreign and domestic paid off Biden’s son so that Biden would sell out US interests. Is that honorable? Is that what we want from our representatives? No, of course not. Joe Biden is corrupt and dishonorable:

At its best, the relationship between Joe Biden and his son represents simply the worst of crony capitalism. At its worst, it’s good, ol’ fashioned corruption. Neither seems particularly desirable, and both indicate bad character.

From: Is Joe Biden corrupt?

Conclusion: Is Joe Biden Corrupt?

I think that in that last quotation, the article‘s author, Arielle Davidson, does an excellent job of laying out the two possible options. Either Biden is a crony capitalist of the type hated by both Millenials and anyone who knows what corporatism is, or he is just corrupt.

So, is Joe Biden corrupt? Personally, I think that there are too many “coincidences” for it to be anything less than corruption. Either way, his behavior is undeniably unacceptable and is reminiscent of the corrupt, crony capitalists of the Gilded Age who used their political pull and connections to get rich. That is well described in The Republic for Which It Stands and is a central feature of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

I think this article just further reinforces my point that Joe Biden can’t be trusted. He’ll sell out our security interests, especially with respect to China and Russia, to help his son’s career. And he doesn’t understand the 2nd Amendment. Plus, of course, he’s corrupt, and so is his son. So that should be a good hint as to “is Joe Biden corrupt?”

And this article only touched on a few facets of Joe Biden’s corruption. There are many more. For example, he sold out US interests to China in exchange for $1.5 billion from a Chinese bank. That’s right, not million. Billion. With a “b.” The Biden’s have gotten absurdly wealthy by selling out US interests to our greatest competitor, a nation we are in an existential struggle with as we enter into a new Cold War with it.

Can you imagine a Senator or Vice President receiving billions of dollars from the Soviet Union during the Cold War? No, of course not. That would be beyond the pale, even for the Democrats back then. Nothing of that sort is described in American Betrayal, which is the best source on US government collusion with the Soviet Union. We might have had traitors, but at least they believed in their cause.

Joe Biden believes in nothing. He is a willow in the wind that only wants payoffs to his family and to retain political power. That is why he is bowing to Marxist terrorists within the Democratic Party now and is why the answer to “is Joe Biden corrupt?” is an absolute “yes.”


The Democratic Party is a mess. We can’t let them win, especially not a socialist like Bernie or a corrupt politician like Biden. Vote for Trump and keep the corrupt, crazy Dems out of office! We need to ensure that Joe Biden loses in a landslide to President Trump in the 2020 election.

For if we do not, America will be ruled by a corrupt, senile oligarch. As Davidson notes, Joe Biden exemplifies the worst of crony capitalism. The answer to “is Joe Biden corrupt?” is certainly “yes” because he has sold out US interests at every available opportunity. And he has not done so because of ideology, but because he wants to get rich by selling his power.

That is not what America needs. In fact, it is the quite opposite of what we need. At this moment, America is in desperate need of principled leadership. Joe Biden is not that. He is a crony capitalist that has always sold out America’s interests and will continue to do so if elected to the presidency.

President Trump, on the other hand, is not at all corrupt. The fake news media pretends that he is, but they are, as per usual, lying. Everyone who looks at the facts honestly, Democrat or Republican, can see that the answer to “is Joe Biden corrupt?” is obviously “yes.” He sold out our interests to trade groups, Ukrainian companies, and even the Red Chinese. But no one who is honest thinks that President Trump is corrupt. He might occasionally say the wrong thing and he is thrice-wed, but he is certainly not corrupt.

The election this November is not just a decision between Democrat and Republican. It is a decision between a corrupt oligarch and a true patriot . Choose the patriot.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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