October 26, 2020

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is joe biden catholic

Is Joe Biden Catholic? As of 2020, Absolutely Not

My Thoughts on “Is Joe Biden Catholic?”

Generally, the Marxists of the left are, like Karl Marx, unapologetic atheists. They slander religious people, openly advocate against religious ideas and practices, and advocate for policies that are antithetical to a religious and moral society. However, come election time, they are forced to reckon with the fact that most of America is still, in fact, a religious society. So, to make themselves seem more electable, the Democrats occasionally pretend that they are religious. Recently, they have been claiming that Joe Biden is a Catholic, despite his support of anti-Christian policies and support for a part that stands against God. That raises the question “is Joe Biden Catholic?”

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The answer, as you might expect, to “is Joe Biden Catholic?” is “No! Absolutely not!” Anyone saying that he is, whether that person is in the fake news media that is colluding with the Democratic Party or a Democratic operative, is simply lying and trying to hide the fact that Joe Biden is an anti-Christian radical that would push along policies that all Christians should abhor.

What are those policies? Marxism, support for the Black Lives Matter movement, and unrestricted abortion access.

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Three Reasons why I Know that Joe Biden is Not a Catholic

Can Joe Biden be Catholic? No, He Supports Marxism

All Christians should hate Marxism. It is an ideology of atheism, murder, suicide, regression, and evil. Socialist regimes are murderous, horrible forces that work to destroy traditional society and eradicate religion. Just look at the Nazis, who were socialists and locked up ministers in concentration camps. Or at the Soviet Regime described in The Case Against Socialism and The Gulag Archipelago, which also attacked religion and sent Christians to gulags. Or the Chinese Communist Party, which arrests Christians that will not submit to state control of churches and has sent Muslims to concentration camps for the crime of not accepting the state’s Marxist, atheist ideology. Marxists persecute Christians; hence Joe Biden cannot be a real Catholic.

A simple fact is that the Democratic Party, the party of Joe Biden, is quickly becoming a Marxist Party. It supports socialism, hates religion, and wants to carry out a cultural revolution in America.

So, is Joe Biden Catholic? Logically, given his support of the Democratic Party and its Marxist agenda, he cannot be. Marxism and religion, especially Christianity, cannot go together. Joe Biden cannot be a Christian if he is a Marxist and, as I discussed in my recent posts on why a Joe Biden presidency would be horrible and why Joe Biden is a radical, Joe Biden is a Marxist. For that reason alone, I think it is fair to answer “is Joe Biden Catholic?” with “no.”

Is Joe Biden Catholic? No, He Supports BLM and Christians Cannot Support a Race-Based Movement

But there are other reasons that I know the answer to “is Joe Biden Catholic?” is “NO!” The second reason is that Joe Biden and the general Democratic Party support the BLM, which also happens to be a Marxist organization. No Christian can support BLM, as Charlie Kirk has discussed frequently. As Kirk said:

“First of all, it’s poor theology to group people based on their immutable characteristics. [It’s] Anti-biblical. The Bible is different than any religious text prior to it because it used every person as a sovereign-made individual in the image of God, a singular unit that has to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.”

“Your parents can’t save you for you. Right? And so therefore, judging people based on their skin color or grouping them into buckets based on their skin color is anti-Christian by definition.”

So, is Joe Biden Catholic? Not a real one. He supports a racist ideology that categorizes people based on their skin color, which is as un-Christian as it is possible to be.

On that note, many people today condemn the Confederacy and its supporters for making Biblical arguments in defense of race-based systems such as slavery. As they correctly point out, it is impossible to believe that God created all people and that those people should be separated and judged differently based on their skin color.

How is this any different? Like the Confederacy, the BLM movement traffics in racist, hate-filled rhetoric. The only difference is that it is full of cowards that will not even acknowledge the racism behind their beliefs.

In summary, the answer to “is Joe Biden Catholic” is “NO!” because he is one of those racists on the left that supports the Black Lives Matter organization, which is a race-based organization that holds ideas that directly conflict with Christianity.

Joe Biden Supports Unrestricted Access to Abortion. He Cannot be a Catholic

One key aspect of Christianity is recognizing the sanctity of human life. Christians know that all lives have value and matter, so we try to defend the weak and help them survive in a harsh and unforgiving world. Hence why Christians used to give so much to charitable organizations.

Supporting unrestricted access to abortion, which Joe Biden does, is something that a Christian cannot do.

Babies are the most defenseless of the defenseless. Especially ones that are unborn. They cannot protect themselves and are totally reliant on those older than them for live, sustenance, and protection. So, logically, they are included in the Biblical commandments to “Defend the weak” (Psalm 82:3).

Additionally, they are innocent. And once a fetus has developed into a person (which I think is when a heartbeat is detected), it is a living human being. So, killing it goes against the commandment that “You shall not murder” (Exod. 20:13).

The fact is, all Christians and conservatives should be able to easily say “no” when asked “is Joe Biden Catholic?” because he supports unrestricted abortion access, which is something that goes directly against biblical commandments. No real Christian would ever support such a policy.

That is why many churches will not give communion to Joe Biden. They know his views on abortion and know what he would do to further access to it if he is elected in November.

Joe Biden is not a Catholic. He supports abortion, which is an act of murder if the baby has a heartbeat.

Is Joe Biden Catholic? No
Is Joe Biden Catholic? No


So, after reading all that, what do you think? Is Joe Biden Catholic?

Hopefully, you read closely and can see why there is no way that Joe Biden is a Catholic or Christian. He supports abortion, the BLM organization, and Marxism. His policy goals are anti-Christian. He is not a good person. Joe Biden is corrupt. There is not a single thing about Creepy Joe that could possibly show him to be a Catholic.

Finally, I think it is worth saying that this might be the last candidate that the Democrats try to pretend is a Christian to make them seem more electable.

That party is becoming more and more explicitly anti-religion. At their convention, they struck the words “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance. Leftist lawyers use situation after situation to try to remove Christian morals and references to God from public life. Democrat activists create red-herring situations to attack Christianity and Christians. The Colorado cake-shop case is a great example of that. Democrat mayors and governors are using lockdowns to close churches. And, of course, many leftists have no respect for Christian morality or virtue.

So, is Joe Biden Catholic? No. He is anti-Christian and so is his party. Don’t let the media and Democrat messaging fool you. If you are a Christian, the only choice in November for you is Trump. While he might not be a great person, he does believe in God and has advanced policies that have put some morality back into America.

President Trump is not perfect. No one is. He certainly has his moral shortcomings. But, unlike Joe Biden, he is a Christian and supports policies that are, at the very least, not ant-Christian. Creepy Joe, on the other hand, supports anti-Christian policies. So if you are a believer in the one true God, then you need to vote for Trump! The answer to “is Joe Biden Catholic?” is no, but the answer to “is Donald Trump Christian?” is “yes!”

By: Gen Z Conservative

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