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Is Joe Biden A Rapist? Almost Certainly

The Answer to “Is Joe Biden a Rapist?”

I’ll admit, I’m not sure what to think about the Tara Reade rape accusations against Joe Biden. On one hand, I thought that the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh seemed completely politically motivated and were false, so I am reticent to jump too fully into answering the “is Joe Biden a rapist?” question as of now. We’ll see what other evidence comes out.

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But, on the other hand, this situation seems a bit different than the one with Brett Kavanaugh. Whereas the Kavanaugh accusers were mostly anonymous, did not provide specific details, and had little credibility, the Biden accusers are open about who they are and what happened, have provided details, and are very credible. In other words, Biden’s accusers are believable and Kavanaugh’s were not. Hence why I think that the answer to “is Joe Biden a rapist?” is a certain “Yes!”

There are many reasons why I believe that Joe Biden is a rapist but do not think that Justice Kavanaugh ever engaged in sexual misconduct, especially not of the type Dr. Ford accused him of.

For example, Dr. Ford did nothing at all, whether back in the 80s or during the hearing, to prove that her accusations were credible. She was a different age than the people at the supposed party, no one remembers it happening, and no one had any recollection of Kavanaugh being like that or her making any accusations until now.

Reade, however, acted much differently. She told her mother about the incident, her mother called Larry King to seek advice, and she filed a report about creepy Joe’s behavior. So, based on that, it might be reasonable to answer “is Joe Biden a rapist?” with a “Yes!”

Or, at least, it would certainly be fair to respond to “is Joe Biden a rapist?” with a “probably.” That might be fairer to the murky details of the situation.

That’s because Joe Biden’s past behavior, regardless of the Reade incident, is creepy. He is the definition of the word lecherous. He sniffs women, creepily grabs young girls, gave a speech about black kids jumping on his lap, and is just generally a creepy, unsettling man that I would never want women that I know to be around. So, even if you think the answer to “is Joe Biden a rapist?” is “no,” then I think it would hard for you to say that he’s not a creepy old man that’s a walking sexual harassment file.

Not that years-old accusations should really be the determining factor when deciding on a politician. If the statute of limitations has run out, then it might be time to let it go. That’s not me being insensitive, I just think our legal system upholds the right to the assumption of innocence for a reason and that canceling people, whatever they did, is rarely productive, as I discussed in my post on Kristen Clarke. If an accusation is all it takes to end a career in the midst of this outrage and offense focused, cancel culture political scene, then how are we any different than the show courts of Stalin or Robespierre?

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But, the accusations against Biden are different because Tara Reade did bring them up before. As I stated previously, she had her mom call into Larry King to ask for advice on how to respond, she filed a report about Biden’s creepy behavior and sexual harassment of her and has spoken of the incident before. She didn’t keep it hidden, Biden just covered it up. That makes it more likely that the answer to “is Joe Biden a rapist?” is a “Yes.”

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And is that really so hard to believe? That the answer to “is Joe Biden a rapist?” is a “yes, but creepy Joe covered it up, so there’s no way to prove it.” To me, that’s completely plausible. Not only is Joe Biden corrupt and a mess, so it is very possible that he could bury sexual assault allegations, but also he’s senile and being propped up by the leftist Mainstream Media because they know that he’s otherwise unelectable. If he wouldn’t hide accusations, then the Democrat allies that have infested our system would.

America’s leaders don’t need to be paragons of virtue. Trump certainly isn’t; his personal values are quite lacking, or at least have been in the past. However, they should be able to behave within the bounds of moral law and not rape people. That crime is one of the worst that can be inflicted on another human being and it is absolutely disgusting that one could answer “is Joe Biden a rapist?” with “yes”. That should never be said about a serious American presidential candidate, much less a president. Unfortunately, it’s going to be said quite a bit about creepy Joe Biden.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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