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Is Humor a Crime Now? Dems Want It to Be

Is Humor a Crime in Modern America?

Up until quite recently, Americans were a funny people. We had great comedians that made people around the world laugh. Jerry Seinfeld was hilarious, as were the other members of the cast of his show. Jim Gaffigan used to be funny. George Carlin’s irreverent humor makes me double over in laughter every time I see a video of it. SNL made fun of both sides. Rodney Dangerfield made generations of people laugh. And many more great comedians brought laughter into our cars and homes and put smiles on our faces. Now, average Americans and comedians who just want to tell jokes are confronted with a terrifying, soul-crushing question: is humor a crime now?

Since the end of the 20th Century and the beginning of the 21st, everything has changed. While nothing used to be off-limits, allowing us to recognize our own dark nature or inadequacies and laugh at them, political correctness made whole swathes of things “unfunny.” You can’t make off-color jokes now. Everything you say, if you want to keep your job and not be “canceled,” has to fit within the narrow bounds of what political correctness tyrants deems to be “appropriate.”

Of course, those things aren’t “unfunny.” They’re just deemed so by the powers that be. As dark or bad as they might be, most of us still find all manner of jokes funny that we know we shouldn’t. But we laugh because they point out what’s wrong with they way we think. They’re funny not because of the actual words said or the unfortunate subjects of them, but because of what they imply about us.

For example, in the words of A.J. Rice,

“Comedians like Sam Kineson were famous for saying it – part of Sam’s iconic stand-up act. One of his most unwoke routines revolved around starvation in Africa and the Left’s efforts to ameliorate it by sending food. Sam would pace the stage and then scream: “It’s a desert! Nothing grows there!! Just sand! Move to where the food is!” It was as hilarious as it is unspeakable . . . today.”

As Rice says, can you imagine saying something like that today? You’d be crucified by the cancel culture mob before you could read the room and apologize. Your life would be ruined by a joke.

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And the left’s war on humor isn’t directed only at jokes that aren’t politically correct, it’s directed against everything. Take two recent examples, both of which actually raise the “is humor a crime?” question. The left is taking legal action against jokes now.

One example is the sad case of Douglas Mackay, again in the words of A.J. Rice:

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Douglass Mackey – a wise-acre who faces ten years in federal prison for posting unfunny (to the feds, now the sic ‘em troops of the Left) memes designed to annoy Leftists, including supporters of Hillary Clinton.

Mackey created an African Americans for Hillary mock-up that encouraged people to “avoid the line” and “vote from home” by texting “Hillary” to “599925.” When they did, they got a reply from the actual Clinton campaign hipping them to the fact that they’d been punked.   

Whether this is funny or obnoxious depends on your sense of humor; but is it criminal? Deserving of a decade behind bars?

The feds say yes.

Mackey has been charged with serious felonies, as in conspiring to “injure, oppress, threaten and intimidate persons in the free exercise of a right and privilege secured to them by the Constitution” – notwithstanding the obvious fact that no threat was leveled at anyone, nor was anyone oppressed – except perhaps according to the Leftist definition of “oppression,” which amounts to having their feelings hurt.”

The left is actually prosecuting a person for nothing other than making a meme. A meme, I might add, that is just another rendition of a joke that has been told many times for decades now.

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The other example of the left’s war on humor is the case of the obelisk that appeared in the Utah desert. Here’s a picture of it:

It’s just an obelisk. Someone put it there as a prank and jokes about it abounded on the internet.

In the words of Reason, a great libertarian-leaning online news and commentary source,

“In November, members of the Utah Department of Public Safety’s Aero Bureau came across the alien-looking structure in a remote southeast portion of the state while performing a count of bighorn sheep. Who, or what, might have placed the 12-foot structure in the desert is a mystery. What’s not up for debate is the monolith’s legal status.

“The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) would like to remind public land visitors that using, occupying, or developing the public lands or their resources without a required authorization is illegal, no matter what planet you are from,” the Utah branch of BLM declared in a press release.”

So, is humor a crime now? It seems like the government treats it as one. If you make a meme the elites dislike, you’ll be arrested and shipped to a supermax prison by the socialist Gestapo. If you put a piece of metal in the desert as a joke, the BLM is going to come after you with everything it’s got.

Luckily, as the Cliven Bundy incident shows, the BLM can’t really do much if you decide its tyrannical diktats are irrelevant. Perhaps they can use the alien power of the monolith to learn that they’re not real cops and shouldn’t take themselves so seriously.

Oh wait, I forgot humor is illegal now. If you’re one of the busybodies that wants to make jokes verboten, just disregard that last paragraph.

America needs to laugh again. The left’s war on humor, from off-color jokes to funny memes, is making us all miserable and angry. It needs to end so that we can blow off some steam by telling jokes.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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