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Is Abortion a Constitutional Right?

Is Abortion a Constitutional Right? Here’s What I Think

This meme brings up an interesting point, albeit one that I am slightly uncomfortable covering as it is such a controversial and contentious issue. However, because of the nomination and confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett and the furor related to abortion, I feel a need to cover it. That question is “Is abortion a Constitutional right?” I don’t think so and in this article, I will attempt to explain why. If you disagree, please comment below and let me know why you think the answer to “Is abortion a constitutional right?” is “yes.” I’d love to hear your opinion.

Many women and men think that abortion is a Constitutional right. I can’t imagine how they think so. The Constitution guarantees (among other things) life, liberty, and property. Those are our natural rights and I think that they apply to babies too.

Since they are theoretically the rights inherently granted by God to every human being, whatever their race or creed, wouldn’t they also apply to babies? The answer is that they would and do. Why would the Founders have made a document that only applies to adults and went against their understanding of natural rights? The answer is that they would not have, which is why the answer to “is abortion a Constitutional right?” is “probably not.”

Of course, there are other factors involved. If the pregnancy is risking endangering the baby’s life, then the mother probably has a right to abort. She also has a right to life, obviously. But once the baby has a heartbeat, I think it is considered a human.

The topic is somewhat of a tricky one, especially because of economic concerns, but I think that the baby has a right to live once it has a heartbeat and is living. There are many horrible things that could have happened to the mother to make her pregnant. Things like rape, incest, etc. If she doesn’t want that baby I think that is perfectly understandable. But once the baby has a heartbeat it is a living human and should be treated as such, which means that it has a right to life that must be respected, meaning that the answer to “is abortion a constitutional right?” is “probably not.”

This meme is also interesting because it brings up the point that liberals have seemingly contradictory and non-nonsensical views about gun rights and abortion rights. They claim that abortion is a right yet it isn’t alluded to anywhere in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or any other amendment or document from the Founding.

However, gun rights are guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. Yet many liberals still support abortion but not gun rights. That makes no sense to me. Abortion may be a tricky legal case in some situations. I think that good (albeit not moral) legal arguments could be made on both sides in cases of rape, incest, inability to raise the baby without state assistance, or risk of death to the mother. But there is no grey area for gun rights.  The 2nd Amendment guarantees them.

Finally, one more thing needs to be said about abortion. The way it is currently carried out and advertised is quite racist. Planned Parenthood centers and other abortion factories center most of their operations in inner cities. Black and Hispanic women get a hugely disproportionate number of abortions. Margaret Sanger was focused on eugenics, which is why she founded Planned Parenthood. The current abortion system in America seems focused mainly on limiting the African-American population.

Not only is that morally wrong, it is also unconstitutional. In America, you cannot discriminate based on race or creed. Doing so is illegal because of our Constitution. Why should abortion be treated any differently?

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So, is abortion a constitutional right? Probably not. It is a system of racial discrimination and disregards the natural rights babies have to life.

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