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DISGRACE: Minneapolis allows BLM to Intimidate Jurors

Growing Fear and Intimidation in Minneapolis

The city of Minneapolis is gearing up for the trial of Derek Chauvin, the officer who was involved in George Floyd’s death, and the situation is already looking like an absolute mess. There’s intimidation of the jury, an obviously biased system, and a city on edge thanks to the threats of Antifa and BLM.

All of those issues are linked. The city knows that if Chauvin is found not guilty, as is likely to be the case given that Floyd died of a fentanyl and meth overdose, not asphyxiation, there will be riots that rival those of last summer. All of the Antifa thugs and BLM hoodlums will come out of the woodwork, setting the city alight and rampaging across streets covered in broken glass and broken bodies.

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That’s why the city is, as reported by Yahoo!, “having blockades installed to control potential protests at the Hennepin County Courthouse, the Minneapolis City Hall building, and the Hennepin County Jail. Per TMZ, concrete barriers, non-scalable fencing, and barbed wire are being erected around the buildings.”

According to this article, the city also will be “deploying up to 2,000 National Guard troops, who will patrol the city till the time a verdict in the trial is reached. The National Guard troops will mostly be used to escort firefighters and ambulances on emergency calls. In addition, ABC News reports that the Hennepin County Sheriff Office will provide “intelligence gathering” by monitoring social media to track what organized groups are doing and to get information in hopes of ‘heading off violent acts in the works.'”

Thanks to pre-trial BLM intimidation, the city of Minneapolis is having to turn its courthouse into a fortress. If the court system does its job and finds an innocent man innocent, as it should and likely will, then the thugs will riot. They’re not protesting injustice; the BLM thugs are actively attacking the justice system operating as it should before it even begins to operate!

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg; having to turn the Hennepin County Courthouse into a bunker that looks like it’s on Omaha Beach or a corner in Aleppo isn’t the most important part of this story.

What is of paramount importance is jury intimidation. For one, can you imagine being a juror in a case where the city sees fit to turn the courthouse into a bunker? It would be hard to be objective if you thought a mob could storm the Bastille and rip you limb from limb for daring to vote in a just manner.

But BLM and Antifa aren’t content to leave it at implicit intimidation. In fact, they’re starting to intimidate one potential juror. Here’s what one article said: “[one] potential juror who feared his family could be targeted” had to be dismissed. A citizen was so fearful of BLM retaliation that he wasn’t allowed to participate in the civic process. That level of jury intimidation is absolutely shameful.

America is supposed to be a nation of laws. Floyd died of an overdose. Chauvin didn’t commit 2nd-degree murder. Unless the jury abandons all legal principles, it will find him not guilty. It should be applauded for following the rule of law, not intimidated to the point of having to be guarded by thousands of soldiers. The intimidation of jurors in Minneapolis is abhorrent.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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  1. the trial should be moved, and stop the advertising of it. Move to secure location and keep it a closed trial and place GAG on all involved. Do not pay family anything the man KILLED HIMSELF!!!!

  2. @ kiwe… Too much plain common sense there, amigo – and certainly not enough white repentance for our collective DNA. Kissing Negro fundament for seven decades has led to this, a microcosm of the depravity that is spreading over our used-to-be America.

  3. Now that Floyd Family was awarded 27 million dollars, how much is the city going to award all the people who lost their businesses???? They deserve a lot more due to the city not protecting them and their property.

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