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Insanity: Berserk Leftists Harass Actress, Family for MAGA Hat Picture

What do the blue-hairs do when they see any marginal thing with which they disagree in any amount? They go absolutely berserk, smashing their soy and oat milk lattes on the ground before preparing to do something shameful in the name of “our democracy” or really anything else that they think needs to be defended with that moment of their unemployed lives.

Such is what happened to actress Sydney Sweeney, who was attacked viciously for a picture that included family members of hers wearing the iconic red MAGA hats, as Citizen Free Press reported on Twitter, saying:

Actress Sydney Sweeney is being attacked online after her brother posted pictures of their family members wearing Make America Great Again, Pro-MAGA hats.

To the ultra-woke, there is no greater sin than openly supporting President Donald Trump.

Here’s that tweet, as it shows the very tame photos at issue:

That tweet came as a quote tweet of one originally posted by the actress herself, in which she took issue with the soy sippers and said:

You guys this is wild. An innocent celebration for my moms milestone 60th birthday has turned into an absurd political statement, which was not the intention. Please stop making assumptions. Much love to everyone ♥️ and Happy Birthday Mom!

So her family members are normal Americans that support a man elected president of the United States…and now the freaks are coming out of the woodwork to attack the actress for her family’s support of Trump, with this creepy, vicious attack being indicative of the vitriol directed her way:

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Assumptions? Don’t gaslight your fans (many are likely young progressive people based on the content of the show that gave you fame). Your family is obviously far-right based on the blue lives matter shirts and MAGA babies.

As was this:

Sweeney is the actress from the hit show “Euphoria,” which was essentially about deviant high school kids. So it was hardly a far-right show.

Yet now the wolves are circling and coming for her, freaking out over nothing the actress said or did but rather just because someone in her family supports the former president of the United States, a man loved by tens upon tens of millions of American patriots.

Fortunately, some people on Twitter are still sane. One, for example, said:

So what if she is, if you want live in a country with a dress code go find one.

Honestly this stuff is a joke at this point, get a grip, and let her celebrate the birthday.

But others remained berserk. Rather than being calmed down and taking a moment to reflect after that tweet, someone commented and said “Swastikas are banned in Germany for a reason.”

So now you’re a Nazi for supporting the president. How original of an insult. Good for Sweeney for not backing down to the soy sippers going after her for having a good time with her Trump-supporting family!

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