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Happy Fourth Of July! It Is American Independence Day, Not Globalist Dependence Day!

Look where the globalist lackeys in DC have led us!

MBA.  It is the acronym for Master of Bureaucratic Advancement.  It is a title for inefficiency and fear of innovation.  It was essentially created in its’ current form by the 1960s  business schools using the model of the government bureaucrat.  The corporate and political worlds are now interchangeable as they both use this model which allows a group of ivy league “Oh So Social” clowns to rule the world.  OSS is the acronym for the predecessor of the CIA in WW2.

I wonder if there are many people left that remember when US industry was the dominant force in the world.  General Motors, General Electric, DuPont, Boeing and Ford were the innovators and we sold vehicles and power plants and aircraft the world over.  This of course does not overlook the thousands of other types of manufactured goods that we shipped out as well after saturating the American market.

Many young people will not remember these car brands: Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Lincoln, Buick or American Motors.   They are familiar with Kia, Subaru, BMW, Nissan or Mazda.  Few people know that Westinghouse does not make nuclear reactors anymore.  The Japanese bought them out and modified the plans and the world received the Fukushima meltdown that glows in the dark as a reminder of Oriental innovation.

What was the source of this great shift of production to low-cost labor markets?  MBAs of course.  The system began when corporate management had the bonus structure of their compensation plan tied to stock prices rising.  Every penny was ground down to dust with the system and it is still attempting to grind every day.  This includes everything from office supplies to toilet paper to even the end products.

This is also the point where the MBA began his dominance of production.  First was the idea that nothing could be changed within the system without approval from corporate.  The entire system was made supposedly more efficient by moving all decisions away from the branches while upper management fought it out as to who got credit and therefore a bonus for innovations.  Finally, the white elephant in the room had to be addressed as there was nowhere else to cut.  Labor!  Union wages were higher in different portions of the country and moving production was attempted but failed.  The GM move to build Saturn cars in Tennessee was a good example of failure.  The quality was not high enough to keep the doors open.  More evidence of the MBA management style. The quality of other foreign owned car plants in excellent.

At the same time the powers in DC realized that all this money flowing back to the US could be used for the enhancement of the deep state. The politicians were now paid to adjust our tariffs to allow Japanese cars into the country.   The quality was mediocre, but our economy was booming and they desperately needed overseas markets to survive. The Japanese copied our systems and began the slow uphill grind to respectability.  The old folks remember when “Made in Japan” was a byword for poor quality.  We used to laugh when their junk fell apart.

They of course never let their tariff walls down because they needed jobs.  The US had a huge market and our “poor allies” needed help and the DC politicians needed cash so all including the American worker was forgotten.  The profits went to Tokyo and Bonn.

Being excellent mimics, Japanese quality rose like a rocket. Today our young people could not imagine Japanese stuff being thought of as junk.  The next move for cheap labor was Korea and the same cycle of cheap to good quality followed.  Now we have China in the junk position.

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In the early 1980s I attended a luncheon in Atlanta in which Chinese premier Deng Xiaopeng discussed his country opening up to American industry.  He made several such talks about “opening China to the world” in other cities as well.  This of course was all directed by the DC globalist crowd.  The official line was that by opening China to capitalism they would also be exposed to democracy and would then be welcomed into the world community as a friend.  Our political/financial leadership strikes again.  Deng must have been in hysterics as he flew home.  Since this was the new official position in foreign policy, all the bureaucrats lined up in their departments to find reasons to support it.  There would of course be no deviation from this policy with independent thought.  All think tanks and colleges followed suit of course as their checks were dependent on this policy being implemented as well.

The Chinese have a huge market to dangle in front of the bonus boys therefore anything goes.  Billions of people wish to rise to above sustenance level.  Since Dollar Bill Clinton sold out the country with NAFTA and most favored nation status to China for campaign contributions, companies have been moving across the Pacific as fast as possible.

Evading the initial intent of NAFTA the Chinese have sent parts to be assembled in Mexico to evade our tariff laws.  They have also kept their high tariffs in place to prevent others from directly benefitting from their market. Which reminds me about economists repeating the MBA mantra “tariffs don’t work”.  China seems to get by well just as the US did until Woody Wilson.

The main difference of the Chinese compared to the Japanese is that the Chinese have delusions of grandeur. They are planning to be the dominant world empire. Their ego is soothed by the purchasing of the MBA types in DC and our college campuses.  Chinese corporate donations to political campaigns and college slush funds are the easiest way to buy big time friends.  By allowing our research and development programs to be operated by Chinese government agents, we lose the advantages of an innovative culture that used to lead the world in technology.

The ordinary American citizen has been left behind.  The job postings have been becoming less and less enticing as wages have fallen continually since 1970.  A wage of $1.60 per hour in 1970 would have to be about $15.00 to remain at the same level today.  We are approaching the situation of abused labor of 100 years ago.  The voting patterns show that middle America finally realizes they have been sold out.  They have been voting for Mr. Trump and conservatives.  This is why the Democrats and Wall Street want open borders and visas.  They need to have people who have no legal standing to complain about their working conditions.  They will provide the cheap disposable labor for Wall Street.

Henry Ford shocked the world when he raised wages in his factories to $5.00 per day.  His reasoning was he had now opened his own employees up to the possibility being customers.  That meant selling many more cars and more money for Henry.  Today an iPhone costs Apple about $590.00 to manufacture.  It sells for about $1,490.00.  If Tim Cook raised wages about $150.00 per phone it could be manufactured here with a nice profit.

This idea would provide jobs for hundreds of thousands of Americans.  Sales would go up and unemployment would go down and our national debt would not rise as quickly, and it would also reduce unemployment/welfare costs.  We have just seen Nike declare itself a Chinese company, who is next?

Our government MBA crowd led by Joe Bribe ‘em is totally immersed in the Chinese money sponge.  We not only accept cheap goods but slave labor goods as well.  The globalist cabal had to get rid of Mr. Trump to keep the graft going.  We will see to what lengths they will go to keep him from power.  The election audits will be  interesting reading.

The huge effect this has on our way of life cannot be overstated.  The elite still do well and will continue to do so for a while, however Horatius may stand athwart the bridge and provide an example for free men.              

1776 Charge!

The Madame

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative, where this article originally appeared, and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.