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Our Disastrously Incompetent and Power-Hungry Elite

The debacle in Af’stan is, in my opinion, only starting to bear its putrid fruit.

Not only did President Joe Biden, with the complicity of the feckless leadership of the Pentagon, State Department, any intelligence agency who briefed or was involved with planning or execution of that treasonously poorly thought out plan. And, of course, the press completely screwed the pooch and sentenced the American homeland to the possibility of shit blowing up right next door to every one of us. But that is not my complaint of the day, I just wanted to get it off of my chest and onto the record if that demented old bastard and his handlers are ever tried for this crime.

Today, as we speak, the Dems (and other “elite,” CCP loving institutions) are purposely hollowing out the middle class with actions like ‘rent moratoriums’, which is an act that lets a group of people steal from their landlords with the thought that since the landlord has a property and collects payments from the tenants, that the landlord must be an evil wealthy capitalist and not only can he/she afford to be stolen from but needs to be taught a lesson for having the audacity to try to be successful.

In taking on the risk of ownership, the landlord is attempting to rise above his station in life, upward mobility is something only politicians may aspire to and therefore a common person must be crushed. Someone who saved enough money to be able to put a down payment on a property other than their own domicile and the guts to trust that they could find a tenant responsible enough to pay the rent every month so they could realize an after-tax profit doesn’t get to rise up the economic ladder in Joe Biden’s America.

Little did these entrepreneurs know that they were moving in on the territory of the regal class, the rulers, a class of people who feel that by dint of their success are able to make rules on the spur of the moment that allow or deny succor to the commoners, to the people who thought that America was a place where rule of law protected them from the divine right of politicians and thought that it would keep the promise of America to be fair and honestly try to make America the greatest country on Earth, where everyone lived under the same set of rules and opportunity was the product of free enterprise and chance.

But although that may have been the goal when the country was founded, vested interests and state actors have infiltrated and subverted fairness while we, the commoners, were busy making a living.

The Left (socialists in training) are about bigger gov’t and its power to coerce, to cajole and to force you to do what the Left deems is the best action regardless of market forces, individual choice, and reams of evidence that all show that their way doesn’t work (I point to Cuba and Venezuela as examples).

The Left seems one-minded in its pursuit of power, spending inordinate amounts of time and capital to obtain control over the levers of power and to force common people to bend to their will instead of protecting the free will of everyone. I cite the likes of George Soros and Michael Bloomberg as prime examples or as I call them Gollum and Sauron of Marxist-Capitalism. They dole out power like it were a slice off the tree of life and hold it over your head as if it were a sip of water in the desert.

I point to Nancy Pelosi for another example of a political power authoritarian (in other words a Fascist). I know that term gets bandied around very liberally, but when you gather as much power as possible to wield against fellow politicians and plebiscites, to force their doctrines down the throats of those they were elected to serve is a fairly straightforward example of the definition.

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Known as a master politician, Ms. Pelosi (I wonder what her secret pronouns are) leads her House of Representatives with caucuses, committee assignments, and other bread crumbs of political power turning her disciples into braying mules begging for the next switch to their backside to give them motivation. They move in lockstep to achieve the power they are addicted to, winding their threads of influence ever more tightly through the American population. All the while the district she is actually hired to take care of has devolved into a dystopian nightmare, with some of the highest rents in the country that only the most wealthy can afford that forcing the hoi polloi into homelessness and crushing opportunity.

The news is awash with reports of formerly median income San Franciscans who now live on the street, in tent cities that won’t be helped by her big government handouts and vaccine mandates. But money or success is not her agenda, it is power, you would have to look into her heart for her definition of power but let me assure you it is a deep and abiding reality, a concept that she needs like heroin addicts need a fix. Someone who goes on national TV during a pandemic to show off her restaurant-grade freezers full of expensive ice cream. This is not to make sure her constituency is ok and help them make it through difficult times, she does it because she knows she won’t be held to account, because she has power wants you to know it.

When power was my motivation it was always the power to resist the forces of Big Government and Big Business I wanted, not the power to make people obey. The accrual of power was to assure my individualism and to build a fortress against the power of someone else’s will. In that life, I found that there was always someone with more power than I had to conform to no matter the wisdom or morality of their position.

I wonder who is the one more powerful than Pelosi, who is the bogie man in her dreams?

Aunt Nancy obviously thinks she is at the peak of her profession and no one will be able to resist her power. Not voters, not party heads, not power brokers because she is the Great and Powerful Pelosi, all must stand in awe of her, no dissent, no backing down and the only thing that can knock her from her perch is failure to deliver the power in the form of political victory. Then her former stooges, and the people she climbed over to gain her success, will gleefully throw her out into the darkness to be devoured by her demons.

The politicians of the left have managed to accrue so much control over the US government that now the forces of control have come upon my ramparts with threats of exclusion from the society that we all are immersed in. If I don’t conform to their medical malpractice and/or vision of Utopia I will be ostracized and even jailed if I don’t follow orders to take a medication I am vehemently opposed to. Opposed to the medicine because I don’t trust, big Pharma, the Deep State, and/or Lefty politicians. None of those just mentioned have a good outcome planned for me and mine just their boot grinding on our faces forever.

It is time to pull up the draw bridge, deny them control over my mind and align with the forces of light that will show the only way out of this dark valley. I am banned from Twitter, refuse to use Facebook, and avoid the evil empire of Google as much as possible. In avoiding the big tech oligopoly as much as I can I have thought that Dan Bongino is a good example of someone, who was successful in their world, denied on his path by the dark forces of tech, but resisted and found a way to be successful on his terms in a parallel reality. New platform, same Dan

I will be nurturing relationships with independent-minded companies and organizations to allow me to participate in society while withdrawing my involvement from entities whose desire is to force me to adhere to their vision and follow their path. I will support people like Dan Bongino and media companies like Daily Signal and The Daily Wire, promoting their vision in the wider world of entertainment and politics that I only have a cursory interest in to deny power to the Disney’s and CNN’s of the world.

Those latter two have open ties to the CCP, promote the CCP’s party line, and obfuscate genocide in Chin in order to gain access to its markets. It is obvious that our institutions, notably our education system, have been moving toward the Chinese vision of the future and overtly dismissing the system of government that gives us the freedom to speak out in opposition. I wonder if any of our egg head schoolmasters have looked into the future far enough to see what happens to useful idiots when the totalitarians have taken over… they won’t be hosting drag queen story hour, whatever “in control” tyrants like Nancy Pelosi want.

By: David Gignac