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Democrats are Implementing Socialism and Failing Miserably

Implementing Socialism and Failing:

Implementing Socialism and Failing

My Thoughts on Why It Should be Obvious that Democrats are Implementing Socialism and Failing:

Socialism always fails. It might sound great to some on paper (to me it sounds awful), but it never works. People are naturally greedy and selfish, not selfless. Socialism relies on people having ambition and being willing to work hard, but to want no reward. That makes no sense.

Who would want to participate in back-breaking labor, or mentally challenging work, hour after hour, day after day, only to be given a pittance as pay? Of course, that always fails. No normal person would want to do that. That’s the very lesson of the “Cuba” section of Socialism Sucks; everyone in Cuba gets paid the same, so people only do the pleasant jobs! Why be a plumber when you can be a singer? Implementing socialism and failing is the constant result of socialism because no one voluntarily does unpleasant or tiring jobs.

The many cuban musicians show that no one does "dirty jobs" in socialist nations
The many cuban musicians show that no one does “dirty jobs” in socialist nations

Instead, I think people naturally prefer capitalism. They want to be rewarded for their labor, not work as slaves of the state. And as Francisco D’Anconia notes in his speech on money, which I wrote an article about, socialism does turn men into slaves of the state. There is no o

Because no one naturally wants to be a slave, the state is forced to rely on violence. Gulags or concentration camps are constructed for dissenters. The dissenters only want to be rewarded for their labor (they are often the well educated and hard working citizens), but the state punishes their ability by locking them up or murdering them. Or mass starvations ensue when farmers refuse to work for nothing.

Politicians like AOC or Hugo Chavez (two birds of a feather) are always implementing socialism and failing. They fail because socialism doesn’t work and can’t work.

It is a reprehensible ideology built on envy that can’t work because it is premised on continual coercion forever and an utter and complete destruction of human nature. So, of course it fails! How could it possibly work with so much going against it?

But socialists either don’t realize that or could not care less about it. So, when they don’t succeed at implementing a socialist utopia in their states, they turn into tyrants and murder or imprison dissenters in gulags, as I discussed above. It kills them or turns them into slaves. That’s a fact of history. But, unsurprisingly, killing your best and brightest doesn’t solve the problem and make socialism succeed. Instead, the country just becomes more and more gripped by violence.

That’s why implementing socialism and failing is the one constant of every socialist experience. It’s an evil ideology that can’t ever and won’t ever succeed. Rather than creating a utopia, socialists will just keep creating more and more hellholes around the world. Meanwhile, the free market revolution will keep creating more and more prosperity across the free world. That sounds much better to me! If it sounds better to you too, then make sure to keep advocating for capitalism!

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By: Gen Z Conservative

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