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“I’ll Stick with My Gas Guzzler”: The EV Problem So Bad It’s Leading to Death Threats

Most of the complaints we hear from customers who made the “green” decision to purchase an electric vehicle is that the charging stations seem to be few and far between, which can be a harrowing and frustrating experience if you take a long trip. But some of the new complaints from EV owners now go beyond sparse charging stations.

Electric vehicle owners are complaining not only about the lack of convenience but also about the state of public EV charging, which includes the issues of broken chargers, janky software, and smashed screens.

JD Power surveyed approximately  11,554 electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid vehicle owners from January through June 2022 as part of its second annual Electric Vehicle Experience Public Charging Study.

JD Power measured customer satisfaction with charging EV vehicles using a 1,000-point scale.

The survey revealed that customer satisfaction with charging at a public Level 2 charger is actually worse than it was a year ago. In 2022, satisfaction in Level 2 charging dropped to 633 from 643 in 2021, while satisfaction with the faster DC (direct current) chargers remains flat at 674.

“Not only is the availability of public charging still an obstacle, but EV owners continue to be faced with charging station equipment that is inoperable,” said Brent Gruber, the executive director of global automotive at JD Power.

One out of every five people who took the survey said that the result was that they were unable to charge their vehicle even after finding a public charger. Seventy-two percent of those surveyed also said that this was due to the station being out of service or the charging stations malfunctioning.

There are 41,000 public charging stations across the United States, with over 100,000 outlets available to charge EVs. It still doesn’t put availability on a level playing field with gas stations, which according to The API Institute, is currently at 145,000.

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Tesla is currently the top-rated company for overall customer satisfaction, which can be attributed to its wall-mounted Level 2 Chargers. These chargers can be found in garages and hotels but are still only ranked at 680 out of 100. Tesla’s Supercharger received a higher rank of 739.

Volta scored slightly lower at 667, right behind Tesla, and ChargePoint came in at 639. There are also other EVs, such as the SemaConnect, which scored 557 out of 1,000, and the Blink, which scored 560. Lucid Manufacturers weren’t even considered in the study by JD Power, and perhaps the reason might be that the average American couldn’t afford the $249,000 luxury sedan.

But let’s face it, most Americans, now struggling more than ever to make ends meet, can’t even afford a Prius, nor do we want to. Why would Americans en masse want to switch to Electric Cars with mounting complaints and questionable reliability?

And how green exactly are these EVs? Electric cars run on electricity, obviously, but electricity is powered mainly by — you guessed it — fossil fuels.

According to the Energy Information Administration, just in 2021 alone, 61% of electricity was generated by coal, natural gas, petroleum, and other “fossil fuels.”

Considering the size of an EV, the location, and the mileage you are driving, EVs really do not have as small a carbon footprint as our progressive, green lawmakers would have you believe.

This story syndicated with permission from For the Love of News

12 thoughts on ““I’ll Stick with My Gas Guzzler”: The EV Problem So Bad It’s Leading to Death Threats”

    1. At my local Mall, they took away TEN spaces for EV charging. 8 spots for charging cars, and 2 for the diesel generator. How “green” is that?

  1. This is just the step that is far too far.

    You can build a huge factory to build batteries, but the ingredient purchase involves activities in other countries that our environmentalists would absolutely not allow here. Just like they like ‘green,’ but hate the eyesores in their view.

    Natural gas has the capacity and sustainability to drive our economy. We’ve been transitioning away from coal and diesel for the cleaner fuel. Our skies are the envy of many nations our policies off-shore. Chrome. Semiconductors. Batteries.

    Let’s not talk about the grid capability requirements with an estimate of one car per house. Impossible to mine that much copper and aluminum without massive costs for an area somewhere.

    Pure insanity, what’s going on right now. And.

    You ain’t seen nothin yet.

  2. TRUMP will NOT be around in 2035……………Soo…WHO your gonna BLAME THEN, for ALLLLLLLLL your PERSONAL problems………..EH?

  3. Since the demokrauts are voted into office by dead people, I suppose these facists can blame the ghost of Trump for all the problems they cause. Demokrauts are truely mentally ill people. They are sheep, blindly following the idiots in power. It is sad to watch my country swirling around the drain. I believe in freedom. Demokrauts do not stand for freedom as demonstrated by their actions through history. Demokrauts supported slavery, Dixiecrats, KKK, Wilson created Federal Reserve and IRS. Demokrauts put us in every war with one exception: Bush. Demokrauts fought against civil rights 1963. They stole the 1960 election for JFK and then “in your face” fraud for idiot Biden. They support open borders. Demokrauts are facist bordering on communists. How can importing uneducated poor people by the millions into the USSA going to benefit the USSA? No – I am not a Republican. I am a constitionalist. i believe in the RULE of law. I believe in borders make a country. I believe we should stay out of foregn entaglements. I believe we should support our military and police. I believe the Federal government should abide by the constitution specifically Article 1, Section 8. I believe the states (that created the federal government) should have 98% of the descision making power. States should not be living under federal threats.

  4. Battery powered cars are not a viable product. The process of mining 1000’s of tons of earth to build a single battery is not sustainable. The batteries wear out way too fast and become toxic waste. The charging mess is covered in this article. And despite smug owners who think they are Hollier than thou, charge their cars with electricity provided mostly by burning fossil fuels, supplied over an unreliable, woefully inadequate, electric grid. Add range anxiety, and lame range AND performance if you require a truck, and you have to ask yourself, why?
    Thank our politicians for this tech as they are ALL heavily invested in offshore battery manufacturing.

  5. Another Luddite article, brought to you by those who fear the future. I pass over the stupid, mindless comments in silence.

  6. Electric vehicles are NOT about saving the environment. They are simply a mechanism to force the middle class into subservient poverty with the inability to freely travel. Those who can and will be able to afford battery powered vehicles will be constantly tracked. The remainder will be tracked by their use of public transportation. At the highest levels the people pushing these schemes have no worries about man made global warming, they simply want to control the movement of the hoi polloi for their own enrichment and power.

  7. This transition will take at least 20 years.. mid American said so itself!!! Biden and dumb fucking colleagues are too damn stupid!! 88% of the power grid is controlled by fossil fuels!! It’s all about more and more money to the politicians who are invested in EV stocks.. and besides that, pretty sure GOD AND MOTHER NATURE CONTROL THE CLIMATE!!!

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