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“I Don’t Care What These Blue-Haired Freaks Say!”: NC Lt. Gov. SCORCHES the Left [WATCH]

North Carolina lieutenant governor Mark Robinson, spoke at CPAC Texas 2022 this year and absolutely scorched the left in a passionate speech he gave.

Watch his speech below (note: his speech begins at 0:40).

Mark Robinson is from Greensboro, North Carolina and is a proud veteran who served his country.

He has created a strong reputation as a common-sense conservative who will stand up to defend values such as the Second Amendment, saving the lives of unborn babies, parental rights in education, protecting law enforcement, and much more.

On the basis of these values, he was elected the first black lieutenant governor of North Carolina.

He is also a devout Christian who seeks to bring God back into the forefront of our society.

Robinson began his speech by thanking God, “The very first thing I’m going do as always is thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ, that’s the first thing I’m going to do.”

“America is still the greatest nation on Earth, and I don’t care what these communists say, I don’t care what these socialists say, I don’t care what these blue-haired freaks say with a tackle box in their face at the college campus, this is the greatest nation on Earth and it’s all because of God!”

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Lt. Gov. Robinson is calling it like is!

As the younger generations are becoming indoctrinated into supporting communism and socialism, they are taught to hate the country which has provided them the freedoms they take for granted.

These insane leftists want to convince everyone that America is oppressive and therefore we should tear down our institutions and replace them with new ones that support their social justice initiatives.

His criticism of the “blue haired freaks” is utterly hilarious too!  Their repulsive, hideous outward expression is symbolic of the poisonous ideology they believe.

Robinson then metaphorically compared the state of America to the battle of “Little Round Top” at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

He said, “The world now is Gettysburg, and America is Little Round Top, you are the soldiers that stand on the hill. I didn’t say Congress. The Senate is not the soldiers. The city council is not the soldiers. You are the soldiers standing on the hill. It’s up to you to hold this line.”

He then astutely points out the corrupt Democrats who are currently the metaphorical enemies we have to fend off.

“Who is charging up? We see the whole horde, led by Jim Crow Joe [Biden] and Chump [Sen. Chuck] Schumer. They are coming up the hill with a whole raft of socialist nitwits. … I prefer to call them ‘idiots.’”

Robinson concluded the speech by stating, “stand up and be the kings and queens. … Save this nation. … Read your Bible. Believe in God. Read your Constitution. Hold them dear to your hearts.”

That is advice we all need to hear!

Mark Robinson is also considering a potential bid for Governor of North Carolina in 2024.

We know the state of North Carolina would be in good hands if he becomes governor in the future.


-Macro Conservative