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“I am Somewhat Bewildered”: Judge Sounds Off, Tosses Case Against Conservative, Christian Protesters for This Reason

Remember hearing about “Patriot Prayer”? If not, it was a group that rose to national notice when it exposed Antifa violence in pre-George Floyd America (yes, it’s hard to remember, but Antifa was around back then) by organizing public prayers in places like Portland.

The patriots would arrive with protective gear, flags, and similar equipment and pray in public, something that the Antifa radicals obviously hated, and then defend themselves when the black-clad Antifa goons inevitably attacked.

Well, on May 1, 2019, a day that’s known as “May Day” to many communists and socialists, Cider Rules and Rose City Antifa hosted a joint May Day celebration. A few members of Patriot Prayer, one of whom, Joey GIbson, was its founder, showed up outside a pub the Antifa commies were celebrating at.

Sure enough, violence soon broke out outside the pub, with a scrum developing between the handful of Patriot Prayer guys and the horde of Antifa “activists”. Several injuries reportedly resulted from the fight, with one woman being knocked unconscious during it.

Ultimately, police arrested six of the Patriot Prayer guys, including Joey Gibson. Following the arrests, three of the six struck plea deals with prosecutors, and one of them, Ian Kramer, is currently serving almost two years for striking a woman in the head.

The other three fought back, however, and pled not guilty to the charges issued against them by Mike Schmidt. Schmidt is a district attorney described by highly respected Antifa reporter Andy Ngo as a “radical leftist.”

Well, for two of them, including Joey Gibson, the decision to fight back paid off: a judge just tossed the charges against them, citing insufficient evidence that they did anything wrong.

That happened on Tuesday morning, with Multnomah County Circuit judge Benjamin Souede being the judge that dismissed the charges that Gibson and Schultz were facing.

Commenting on the case and the charges, Souede said:

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I am somewhat bewildered that the state has driven this case to this point.

“The state is trying to convict Mr. Schultz for being present at an incident that violence occurred, and they cannot do so.

Specifically, he found that while the defendants probably raised tensions with the words they used before the fight, there was insufficient evidence that they engaged in the sort of “tumultuous and violent conduct” that would have been required under Oregon law for them to be locked up for rioting.

Commenting on that aspect, Souede said:

If the defendant could be convicted of riot in this case, there would be no protection for protesters in Oregon,” Souede said. “If being there and using your body to take up space is sufficient, then any protester runs the risk of arrest if it turns out that tumult ensues.

No leftists were ever arrested in connection with the incident despite the fact that the fight was two-sided. Interesting how that works, almost as if there’s a very obvious double-standard…

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