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“I am not a gazelle, I am a biological woman”: Swimmer Beat by Lia Thomas Releases EPIC Video, Statement Slamming Thomas, Biden [WATCH]

Riley Gaines is the female swimmer who was beat out by Lia Thomas during the recent NCAA swimming championship.

She is now working with a group called Nine PAC to defend women’s sports and stand up to what she and the PAC see as an attack on Title IX.

The group released a press statement to comment on the matter, one in which Gaines made some brave points about women’s sports and transgender athletes, with the press statement saying:

“It’s official. A new women’s movement is here and it’s not transphobic, woke, or even exclusive to women. Nine PAC is on a mission to define a modern-day feminist as anyone who believes that the intention of Title IX is to provide access to equal opportunity in sport to biological women.

Veteran, Olympian, and former Senate candidate, Eli Bremer founded Nine PAC to continue his long time work on behalf of women in sport. Bremer is widely credited with helping to lead the efforts for legislative reform in the wake of the horrific Larry Nassar scandal. He sees this as the next battle to be endeavored.

Riley Gaines is co-chairing Nine PAC. Gaines is a 12x NCAA All American swimmer who tied with biological male, Lia Thomas at the 2022 NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships and was told that her trophy, “was in the mail.” Since then, Gaines has been outspoken in her support of fellow biological female athletes who may have the accolades of their life’s long work taken from them by a biological male.

Nine PAC launches its first video to highlight that Democrats are sidelining biological female athletes in favor of wokeness, declaring that they are not modern day feminists because they don’t support biological women and their right to compete. 

The video ends with a plea to all voters to consider voting for Republicans this November because most Republicans have stood up on behalf of biological female athletes. 

Gaines and Bremer release the following joint statement:

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‘Women are not, nor should they be, likened to gazelles. Defining the rights of women in sport is not complicated. 

There are vast physical differences between individuals who have gone through puberty as a male versus a female. These differences provide an undeniable advantage to biological males.

The intention of Title IX is to provide biological women with equal access to opportunities through sport. For the purposes of scholarships, titles, and competition, a woman should be defined by biology. It does not require a biologist.‘”

Here that is on Twitter:

Nine PAC also released an absolutely epic video slamming Joe Biden and his comments on women’s sports, along with what they argue is the eradication of Title IX meant to appease the trans lobby. Watch it here:

Great stuff! That video is hilarious and a great way of showing the problem both with Biden and with some of the current rules regarding women’s sports. Let’s hope this group succeeds in helping women compete in a fair manner!

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