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“I am a Floridian and an American first”: Florida Democrat Endorses Ron DeSantis

Joining the Ron DeSantis bandwagon recently was a Florida Democrat, Palm Beach County Commissioner Dave Kerner. Appearing on Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends First,” Kerner explained why he has ditched his party to endorse DeSantis for re-election this year.

Beginning, Kerner first highlighted his own Democrat bona fides, speaking as to the long time he’s been a Democrat, before explaining why he has decided to back DeSantis, saying:

“I’ve been a registered Democrat since I registered to vote at the age of 18. I don’t really see it as going against my party. I’m a Floridian, an American first.

“But there’s a confluence of reasons. The trajectory of our state, which I spoke about in my endorsement, his support for law enforcement, his management of the COVID 19 pandemic. There is’s a host of reasons why I endorsed him. …

Continuing, Kerner went on to claim that other Democrats back DeSantis as well, saying that there is lots of “shadow support” for the current and likely future governor. Speaking on that and calling DeSantis “America’s governor,” Kerner said:

“There has been a lot of that, what I call sort of shadow support for sure. Obviously, Governor DeSantis is doing an incredible job in Florida. He’s America’s governor, but there is a lot of support out there. And it’s been referred to me by many people that have called me or texted me.

“You know, it’s an act of courage, what you did and you should be proud. And it’s not about what I did. It’s about the governor’s record of service in the state of Florida. But ultimately, it should not be an act of courage and should not be seen as an act of courage.

One of the reasons for DeSantis’ immense popularity that Kerner did not bring up is schools. Responding to conservative complaints that many schools and educational material used by schools is full of Critical Race Theory, DeSantis has given CRT-infused books the boot and won a string of victories that make schools more conservative.

For example, a number of DeSantis-backed school board candidates won and flipped a school board from being controlled by liberals to dominated by conservatives, as Fox News Online reported, saying:

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Bridget Ziegler, Robyn Marinelli, and Timothy Enos were all endorsed by Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and were all victorious Tuesday night in their elections for the Sarasota School board.

[…]”Sarasota School Board had a 3-2 liberal majority,” Christina Pushaw, rapid response director for DeSantis’s reelection campaign, tweeted on Tuesday night. “Today @RonDeSantisFL endorsed candidates won and flipped the school board so it’s now 4-1 anti wokes indoctrination and pro parental rights.”

Additionally, hundreds of veterans have applied to teach at schools following a bill pushed by DeSantis as a way to help address the teacher shortage and help veterans get jobs, with part of the goal being to make schools and schoolkids more patriotic by having them taught by veterans rather than the typical, generally woke, people that tend to be teachers.

We’ll see if it succeeds, but victories such as those show why people like Kerner are backing DeSantis: he’s winning victories that make those in his state better off.

By: Gen Z Conservative