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HURRAY: The Credit Card for Conservatives is Finally Here!

Tired of paying with a credit card and knowing that part of however much you spend will go to some woke company like AmEx? Many conservatives are, or at least are finally waking up to the fact that most payment processing companies are woke.

As such, there’s a market for a conservative credit card, one where you don’t have to worry about your purchases with it funding some blue-hair in Berkely or BLM riot in an inner-city.

Now, that credit card finally exists. Called Coign, it describes itself as a credit card made by conservatives for conservatives, saying:

Coign is America’s first credit card built by and for Conservatives. Coign was created to advance conservative values and embrace the American spirit. Unlike other leading credit cards that give millions to the Left each year, Coign is helping Conservatives to align their dollars with their values. We’re proud to invest in Conservative causes. Coign is the only Conservative credit card that allows you to pay with a purpose while you earn rewards. Now, each time you swipe your credit card you’re automatically spending right.

Rather than fund some woke, anti-American craziness with your credit card, you can, with Coign, support conservative causes and values, as part of Coign’s earnings will be donated to conservative causes and charities, charities that Coign users will apparently determine by voting on which ones they’d like to support.

Rob Collins, the Coign founder and former executive director of the NRSC, spoke about what Coign hopes to accomplish in a statement, saying (National Republican Senatorial Committee):

Too many corporations are investing their customers’ money in political and social priorities that align with their executives, the media, and the Left’s agenda. For the first time, the Coign card will allow conservatives to ‘Spend Right’ no matter where they shop.

We’ll see how effective it is and how many people adopt it, but the concept is certainly one with promise, particularly given how woke the major credit card companies, such as AmEx, have gotten.

Chris Rufo, for example, recently tore into AmEx on Fox, saying:

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American Express is…hosting a critical race…theory style training program for its employees, teaching them that the United States is fundamentally racist, that capitalism is fundamentally racist and then promoting the idea that all of their white employees have white privilege that they need to atone for.

Adding to that, he also ripped AmEx’s policies for being woke and seemingly overtly racist, saying:

[The policies] promote race based stereotyping, scapegoating and harassment. We know that other companies in that industry are backing away from their critical race theory style programs…we’re just trying to really pin them up on that leader board to say this is one of the worst offenders.”

Finally, putting the pedal to the metal and fully emphasizing just how woke AmEx is and the detestable way it treats its non-“diverse” employees, saying:

[American Express] hosted a professor, as part of their anti-racism initiative, that told them directly that their company is ‘fundamentally racist’ and that they should be considering different price schemes for different racial groups. It’s not clear whether they’ve taken this and adopted it, but just the fact that they would host it…platform it…consider it, is absolutely outrageous.

All that’s to say, there’s now an “out” if you don’t want to fund such racism and insanity: Coign.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.