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Meme: But Hunter Got Caught

It was cute when the Democrats, the party of racism and the KKK, were pretending that racism is the biggest problem in America and that they and only they would be able to solve it.

Of course, that’s all over now. Thanks to Slow Joe’s corrupt, imbecilic son, the Democrats are gonna have to move on from pretending that racism is the biggest threat and latch onto some other absurd talking point.

The above guess that it might be their constant fear of the angry sun monster is probably correct.

It might not seem like a big deal that Hunter was caught saying the <<gasp>> n-word. Frankly, in a sane society, it wouldn’t be.

But the Democrats have been lashing Republicans for anything and everything that someone with a mental illness could possibly construe as being racist for the past few decades.

In the name of fighting racism, they’re tearing down statues, canceling the Founding Fathers, and burning down our cities. So, yeah, it matters that the “president’s” son was calling his lawyer the n-word and joking about “Hennessy prices.”

The fact that the Democrats never addressed it shows even more; it shows just how hypocritical they really are.

By: Gen Z Conservative.

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